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Love the self-journal. Do not love the shipping, as it took a long time (over 8 days) to get the journal.

Best self

I love it

love it!

Its ok

I’m satisfied of service and quality


I love these. I try to do at least 1 per week. I shuffled them all and then pick 5 at random and then eventually pick 1 from the 5. It has been a great help to think through things. I even took one journal entry into therapy and was able to make some good progress.

Love these!

Wow! These card are really great especially if you want to do some personal development work. I am looking forward to spending my summer journaling through these cards. I highly recommend them.

Very useful

Thoughtfully designed and crafted self help johrnal and tools. Much appreciated.

Best Journal = Best Self

Amazing Journal. Game changing and helps creating new habits!

Life Changing

I’m totally impressed with this journal and how it has been transforming goals into atomic habits


Great for groups and helping them get back on track for their dreams and aspirations!

not really used it

I like the weekly action pad with my white board that has my goals. It organized my yellow pad on my desk and now that is my daily action pad. I put the book back in the box. If you have any easy to follow tutorials let me know. It seems like a nice book to use.

Very Handy!

This goes everywhere. slips into my pocket, purse or backpack. It is great for keeping little scraps of information close. Love it!

Absolutely live it!

Totally love the way it is planned out and organized and everything. Would definitely recommend to entrepreneurs and like minded individuals as well!

Very thought provoking

I checked out the writing prompts at the dinner table with my friend. Great conversation starters. I can’t want to start journaling with them.

Great idea

I love my cards.. I use it in the hospital
Where I work. I let them draw and then they journal, takes the pressure off of what to write about!! Great tool for us clinicians !!

Highly recommend

Life changer! Great quality! Thank you!!

Weekly Action Pad

I recently bought the Self Journal as well as the Weekly Action Pad. I am extremely happy with the self journal, and the weekly action pad has been great, however I find that the pages rip off quite easily, and the product was delivered with a bit of damage. Perhaps having the Weekly Action Pad coiled would prevent the pages from slipping off, and a cover of some sort would prevent it from being damaged.

Overall, super happy with everything that I received!

Happy I found the SELF Journal

What a great, great idea! The SELF Journal has helped me organize my life, More importantly, it's made me reflect and think. Writing in the Journal is a refreshing way to start the day; it's also nice to end each day with an attitude of gratitude.

Awesome tool

This is the second one I purchase. The dotted sheets allow me to write and draw evenly anywhere on the pages. Combined with the journal, it is the ultimate combination.


Perfect resources for me, to see the future, with my calendar, and the deck of cards, to plan, this better future.

Wordsmith Deck

I love my Wordsmith Deck and see it will be a great tool for my writing. Unfortunately I have been unwell, so am yet to start writing, but hope to next week. Postage and delivery was swift and easy.

Wordsmith deck is great!

I bought this for my granddaughter, who wants to be an English teacher. She's an avid reader and writer. I thought this deck would help her out on her journey. (I also bought one for myself, as I wanted to know what I was sending her!) I love how the deck is organized into geography, education, heart, mind and ideas pertaining to each. The cards give prompts for topics on which to write. Very neat idea!

Good Quality Leather Shield

The shield is good quality leather and makes my sidekick look rather professional. However, I wish the journal would slide in the sleeve a little easier. It is very light and easy to carry. I love using it for bullet journal tasks and quick notes on the go.

WordSmith Deck was a hit!

WordSmith Deck offers stimulating questions that can help generate ideas for journaling and other types of writing. I was impressed by some of the topics included in the deck. This was a gift to my daughter, who really appreciated it. She felt the topics and questions were diverse and would be helpful to her. Would recommend.

Edison Deck