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Great experience

Great experience all around with payment, customer service, delivery and quality of goods.

amazing product

I have been using these cards with my wedding clients. It is useful to give them prompts and things to talk about instead of feeling awkward in front of the camera. Great product and wonderful quality.

The Self Journal Stylus- a pen to remind yourself to be your best self

Every time I see and use this pen, it reminds me of my journey here as a Best Self customer. Brings me back to those memories of playing all the different themed decks and showing people the journals, and so on. Thank you so much for all of your quality products. Looking forward for new ones to come!

Simple Tool to keep you focused

I absolutely love my Weekly Action Pad. I always make a huge to do list for the week, but never had a way to keep track on everything at a glance. It helps me to focus on the main things and know which task are labor intensive so I can allocate the appropriate time. Thank you BestSelf Co for all your wonderful products to help us become our BEST Selves!


One of the best purchases I made this year. Keeps me focused on my goals and ensures I take consistent action towards my goals

Boxes of Sunshine!

I purchased the Icebreaker Box, Edison Box, and Little Talk Box and I LOVE them. I work in education and got a $10 referral from a fellow educator after they showed me their set. I'm excited to use them in that world, and with my family. The cards are solid quality and the questions rock! Thank you also for the free phone card holder, a surprise and I love it too! All the BEST - Self

Great talking points

The cards are very thoughtful and open ended. Useful for kids as well as adults


I am a mom of young children and working part time as a new private practice therapy owner. This journal is just what I needed to prioritize my goals, feel empowered to get things done and reflect on what is important to me and what I’m grateful for. I’ve been using it for only 2 weeks and already recommending to many other working moms

Great products

I recently ordered this deck from Best Self. It has been a good guide in a decision I am currently considering. I like how each card really got me to think.

Courage Over Comfort Deck


These are very high quality and I am looking forward to using them this year. Delivery was quick and inexpensive.

Keep Developing More!

Love your merchandise. Use it for retreats and my coaching profession.

Self Journal

I absolutely love this journal! It keeps me focused and organized. It has every component I need to be successful. I just bought my second one for the next three months. It is seriously the best planner/journal I have ever bought.

Love the 13 week journals...

Love the best self 13 week journals. Surprised the 4 pack was 2 Blue & 2 Grey. I thought they would all be Blue which would be my preference.

Bestself Planner

This is a really amazing planner. Great for laying out goals for different time periods and then reflecting on your accomplishments.


Love erasable pens, it writes really smooth too. Perfect for my planner

Thank you!

I love the format and how easy it is to introduce to people who want coaching on goal setting.

Thought provoking

I bought almost all of the card sets and find them excellent, thought-provoking conversation starters.


This experience has been wonderful! I won't say that using the journal is a major pill, but it has given me the tools to understand how much time things take and has helped me plan my tasks much more effectively and transition from one to the next easily. It's completely transformed my comfort level with my productivity at work and at home.

Like it a lot

It’s probably the best structured version I’ve seen out there. The materials are high quality and I want to use it.

Engaging both mind and "person"

Great products that make you think, talk and dig deeper!

Simple but flexible, and shockingly effective

I've not had a paper planner in the last decade, maybe longer. I've used a highly customized set of digital tools, and I still do, because this planner works with them. However, what it does that they can't is pull everything into a visual layout that helps me quickly identify priorities and easily zoom out to the month or quarter, or zoom in to just my morning. I actually use this to track two different calendar systems, the civil calendar and the Jewish calendar. It's the only one I've ever found flexible enough to cleanly accept both. Honestly, I'm amazed at all it can do for me.

Useful product for students who want to develop discipline

The SELF Scholar is an amazing product for those of you looking to organize any and every goal related to your academic studies, research and even profession. I have been using it for some time now and it’s helped me stay focused on such goals and keep myself accountable. Highly recommend it.

Great tool to use! List makers and achievers!

I am such a list person and love to plan my day and cross it off! This helps a ton while also having a focus on my mental wellness!

Erasable Pen Set