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Simple but so effective!

Wish I had these years earlier, but now that I’ve found them, they are a staple inside my books — AND, I’ve bought several as gifts for grateful recipients. Try ‘em!

Like it very much!

Easy going and not stress.

Productivity Galore

I'm loving this, it helps to break down projects into actionable tasks and I prefer it on paper versus a computer somewhere. Gives me an ability to doodle while thinking through the work, which is ofter a brainstorming prompt for me.

Awesome game

This game was incredible, really opened the floor for emotional, heart wrenching questions. Highly recommended!!!!

Fun as expected

I would love to see one deck with just fun questions to make as a game with friends

Excellent product!!! Super fast shipping!!!

Courage Over comfort

It is a great way to make yourself do that small step you would not normaly do, and by experience to enjoy in it. I recommend it

Self Planner - flexible without losing structure. Perfect for me!

I love the combination of templates and blank dot journal pages each week. This is the planner for me!

Exactly what I'd hoped for

Questions designed to get at a deeper, more intimate understanding of each other. Highly recommend.

I use it all the time

Love tracking my days


It helps a lot for writing .

I feel myself changing after a few days

Maybe the best purchase I’ve ever made, an investment in myself that’s already showing great promise. I’ve started keeping myself more accountable for the habits I’ve wanted to develop. And I’m going to bed and awakening happier now with the reflection and preparation I’ve started because of the Self Journal. I’m very happy with my purchase.

Questions we have never thought to ask!

Three years married and so far about 90% of the questions are new questions for us.

How we use the cards: we separate into six piles (each color represents a different category) and we take turns drawing a card and asking the question. We both have to answer but usually the “reader” answers second. We continue until we have each drawn all six categories, a total of 12 cards. It has certainly created a space for some intimate conversations.


Lynn Weimar from recommended this journal, and it lives up to the promise! I get so much more accomplished when my goals are right in front of me.

“Deck” the Halls with an All Decks Bundle this Holiday Season!

I ordered the full collection (All Decks Bundle) to use with journal nudges and to have for holiday dinner party season. Having some fun with different conversation starters seemed like a good idea. Not only have my journal sessions been way more productive, but I have brought out some of the decks for a few family dinners with great results! These are excellent tools and I recommend them highly!

Very useful

When the folks at Best Self Co. came out with this product, it’s like they were reading my mind. I love the layout, the perforated corners, and the abundance of blank sheets at the back. I love the black cover, too—it is more appealing to me than a synthetic leather one, even if it doesn’t stay impeccably clean. My only change would be the size—I like the idea of getting a bit bigger than the traditional 8.5”x5.5” planner, but cutting the dimensions of this one down by even 0.5” on each side would make it a bit more portable.


Love my courage over comfort deck!

Great for Therapy

I’ve found these cards to supplement some of the work I’m doing with clients in therapy very well!

I loooooove the SELF Journal. I was looking for something like this for a long time and now I finally found it.

Creating My Best Self

Using each of these decks in a way to help create a better me... a better host, a better partner, a better manager and coach and most importantly, a better parent. I’ve used the cards for my daughter’s slumber party pillow talk session and there were amazing conversations from some of the selected cards that allowed the girls to really get to know each other on a different level. I especially like the Decision Making Deck to help resolve personal conflict and issues with others. Each of these decks will be used continuously as I strive to evolve.

Made life easier

Has helped focus on my goals

Really enjoyed it

Love the variety of topics! It's a great conversation starter

Perfect for getting to know other people

I have used this deck in class to get to know my fellow students better. I also used it with my spouse of 5 years and got to know new things I didn’t know already. Really fun deck and good questions!

Just great

Just great

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The perfect BUJO planner book. I love it. Comfortable feel, sturdy pages, and just what I needed.