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Good Purchase

I enjoy the purchase of the sleeve for the sidekicks. It allows the sidekick to take on a whole new look. It's like having a mini journal with you at all times.


After looking at several journals/planners, I decided to give this journal a try and I'm so glad I did! I have completed one and am on my second. I have so many different things going on in my business and personal life and this one really helps me keep my head above water.
The book is made from quality materials and even though I kicked it around quite a bit, it held together great!

Amazing Tool!!

I got this as a way for my boyfriend and I to start our business. But, it has turned into so much more for us! We plan our days together and the morning and evening gratitude sections allow us to really be thankful for everything we have, especially each other. The weekly wins is so fun to really reflect on our week and allows us to better plan our time for the next week! This is the most amazing tool! I highly recommend to EVERYONE!!

Not Just for Students

I am privileged to have a career comprised of many parts, and I find the organization of this journal to be the perfect companion to my work as an independent contractor. I’ve used both the original and Scholar versions of the BestSelf journal, and can attest that the latter is not a mere academic planner.

Christmas Gift

I purchased the Self Journals for my daughter and daughter-in-law for Christmas so I am not sure at this moment how much they will enjoy them. I am excited about them and think they are going to LOVE their new journals.


It will take a while for me to get used to the system but it will be worth my time to do it

Great organizer

I'm a list person, but often get frustrated by not getting the important tasks done. This is a game changer for me - I like how it puts your most important goals right up front and keeps you focused on these with the supporting tasks and zero open space concepts. Will be buying more and sharing with other planning types that I know!

Sleek, Chic, and Snug

This jacket is truly no frills: snap closure and pen loop are all that you get - with no wiggle room. I don’t know exactly what I was hoping for, when I opened the package I was a little disappointed by how much so. However, I was pleasantly surprised that my Graduate Edition journal fit perfectly, and I loved the cloth satchel in which it came. Super happy overall!

Love the journal, but every time I order the charcoal I recieve the navy journals.

Not what I thought it would be

This journal does not meet my needs, and really love Commit30 so going back to that. I thought I would try something new and it was a waste of my money. It felt cheap and wouldn't lay flat when opened. Many happy customers just not me.

Best purchase ever!

I bought the self journal and it has really changed my life. Thank you!!

Good for getting organized

I like having my day in a hard format, being able to flip through pages and physically write in something. I find myself carrying around a second notebook with smoother paper for journaling my thoughts as I am trying to stick to my 13 week plan. I don't find the doodling section to be large enough with my format for reflecting in a longer format. I intend to stick to the plan as I'm only a week in, and I'm hoping to grow to like it even more.


Love it so far

The best

The best self journal is a great way to organize thoughts, develop habits and focus your dreams making them a reality. I've bought 3-4 now an plan on more

Great product

Amazing Journal!

I love it! It has everything laid out so nicely, and I have been planning out my days, weeks, and months with goals in mind. It's really amazing!


keeps me going.

Allows Me to Focus on What is Important

Using the Project Action Pad, Weekly Action Pad and Self Journal had tripled my focus and productivity.

Favorite planner!

I have found fantastic clarity and feel much more in control of my future!

Exactly what I was looking for.

Love my Best Self Journal (and Weekly Action Plan!)

I highly recommend the Self Journal! I have done a lot (aka spent too much time) of research on journals and planners and didn't originally settle on Self. I was hesitant because it was not dated and I thought I needed the whole year. In October, I purchased the Self. I was tired of lugging around the bigger planner and I had started working with a coach that focused on quarterly goals and used the Self. I just took action and purchased the Self and I'm glad I did. I already know that my next purchase will be a subscription.

Pros - a focus on quarterly goals and monthly, weekly, daily planning. (Yes! I make using the journal a habit/activity and use it daily); it makes you pause and think about gratitude, the main things I need to do, what I've learned from the day and my successes; love the daily quotes; beautiful notebook; it's structured but not too structured; 3 ribbons to mark my place; the size; not dated so I don't have a bunch of blank pages;

Cons - I wish there were 1-2 blank pages behind each week for notes and more colors to choose from.

I also enjoy the emails and the Facebook page to see what others are doing.

I bought the Weekly Action Plan pad and highly recommend it. I could probably do the same thing on excel but I won't. It was money well spent.

Love my Best Self Journal and Weekly Action Plan!

I have spent A LOT (too much) time looking at planners. Originally, I stayed away from Best Self because I didn't think I would like the undated but I was wrong. I started working with a coach who uses it and focused on quarterly goals. I took a leap of faith and purchased the Self Journal and the Weekly Action Plan and I love them both. I make using the journal one of my daily habits which really forces me to engage with it daily. It helps me slow down, be more intentional and plan better. The Weekly Action Plan is my brain dump and allows me to see everything I need to do that week. I highly recommend both.

Pros - focus on quarterly goals, focus on gratitude, structure around weekly and daily planning, high quality paper, undated means you don't have a lot of wasted paper if you skip a day or two, 3 ribbons to hold your place

Cons - I wish there were some note pages after each week.


Such a great tool

Awesome but intense

I’m on day 5 and I gotta so much done. But this is intense and exhausting.