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Keep up the good work

A well-organized planner, which use is straightforward. Thank you for your work!

Great Bargain

This is my 3rd order of seasonal journals. My wife and I have each started our second journal and given 3 away to friends.

Wonderful deal on a wonderful journal


Perfect for Projects!

It's perfect for my 20 week project. I don't feel forced to fill in all the blocks, but it still keeps my thoughts in order and my project on schedule! Definitely recommend if you have a 15/20 week project you want to keep track of.

Very happy!

Just beginning to really use the journal. I am finding that it keeps me organized and focused.

Perfect for Any Age

Everyone needs goals-No matter what stage of life they might be in---journal is easily adaptable for anyone's professional or personal goals. Has given me the confidence to monitor myself to make and achieve my goals.

Good Stuff

I bought the Self Journal for both my husband and I and overall I am really happy with the purchase. I love the format and I feel like it's a very useful tool. Only two places for improvement I can see. First, they arrived in mailing envelopes and while the journals were packaged in boxes, the boxes were so dented that one of the journal's corners was damaged. I would highly recommend sending them out in mailing boxes to preserve the packaging and product inside. Secondly, the design of the journal is great, and clearly well thought out, but two of the three the ribbons that come as page markers are cheap-looking little satin ribbons. I know it's a small detail, but it doesn't seem in line with the rest of the experience, which again, seems very well-designed.

Saves me from leaving daily to-do notes on scraps of paper all over my apartment

These make it very easy to keep track of my goals and stay accountable and positive about achieving them.

Journal for the journalling-challenged

The framing provided by the format makes it easier to set and track progress towards goals

I haven't been this productive in years

Having three goals that I can read on a daily basis has really changed the way I plan for what I will be doing day to day. Its interesting how the parts of the Journal that I thought were silly and unnecessary are the ones that have kept me on track.

A good learning tool

I recommend this journal--I'm still getting the hang of it, including daily use of it. I'm struck at the tangible difference it makes to spend time with it at the start of my day.

Simply amazing

I live this journal, it has really allowed me to try and get my life back in order and on track. I have PTSD and Terminal Brain Injury from two deployments. Since returning home it has been extremely difficult to keep my life in order and in check! I was literally living life without a care or a direction until I learned about how using the SMART method for setting goals. It was confusing and hard to do until I found this journal. Broken down Barney style so there's no confusion and no excuse for failure! Absolutely brilliant and I will be referring this journal to anybody that's need some direction with their goals!! Thank You!

More quotes from women and people of color, please!

Overall, the SELF Journal is working for me. I would appreciate more inspirational quotes from women, people of color, LGBTQ+. Would also love technical assistance about goal setting. Not everything worth doing can be easily articulated as a SMART goal. For example, I want to be more focused and engaged at work, but I don't know how to measure that.

Great journal

This really helps me stay organized while working, going to school, and working on app development. I am able to plan my days out with ease and set goals. It motivates me and helps me think about how far I have come and the things and people in life I appreciate. I have used other planners in the past but they were so dull and it was just scheduling. This really kicks it up a notch with planning, goal setting, reflecting on your progress. It's amazing how just a well designed planner can really help you out in life.

Loving it

I use my Google calendar integrated with Iphone etc. so I don't write in my entire day in here.
OTHER THAN THAT - this is the best thing since sliced bread. I am feeling totally connected to my goals.
Thanks Team!

Great Buy!

I plan lots of campus activities, and so far, this Action Pad has been great!

Can’t wait to start

Beautiful journal/diary...lovely paper, binding. And that’s important to me. I can’t wait to start using at the end of the month, it looks like a great organisational and motivational tool

BestSelf is THE ONE

I have spent hundreds of dollars on planners. I wish I was exaggerating. I've tried academic and yearly, I've tried bullet journals, I've used Google Calendar, and all of "the best" and top name brands and most popular planners - some of them were SO GREAT but each was missing something vital. Something simple, like the week starting on Monday in weekly view... and Sunday in monthly. Or the scheduling part was great... but no space for notes. THEN, I came upon BestSelf - and I've been using it for weeks, and haven't run into a SINGLE MISSING PIECE or issue with my planner! It has EVERYTHING I need - and more! I love that it's broken down into 4 main parts - goals, montly, weekly, daily - then notes! NOTES! And it's 12 weeks, so you can start fresh ~ every 3 months. Such a great amount of time for goal setting and ACHIEVING, then new goals in a fresh planner. I ended up purchasing the set of 4 after using my first one for a few weeks, because I really think my BestSelf Journal is the one

So far so good

I'm enjoying the process of focusing my workdays and really planning ahead. I'm still working on building in the structure and diligence to follow the system completely. BUT I do find that just in the short period of time that I've been using the journal, I've accomplished quite a bit. I'll take that win any day.

Game changer!

I don’t usually write reviews but I will for this- I’ve used all kinds of apps and electronic means of organising myself but nothing compares to this approach. I work as a psychologist and encourage my clients to note gratitudes on a daily basis, but oddly didn’t consider doing so myself. I must say the personal touches and encouragement to reflect on my day/activities have helped me to become more organised and motivated. Will definitely be back!

Plan to be better self

I am new to the SELF Journal and although I have been doing a lot of development work for myself and with others I am impressed by the design and quality of thinking that went into the journal. After only couple of days I am becoming more structured and I have a feeling that I can control my time in a better way.

Time manager

SELF Journal is my best companion on the go. Easy to use. Best time manager I ever had as far.

Great as Always

Love it and just strating my next 13 week program with bestSelf

Thank you!

Love it!

Great tool

I have made a commitment to use this journal everyday. It is so easy to use and holds so much information I am identifying where my weeks/days go off the rails. Thank you so much!

This journal is a great way to stay organized and keep your big vision at the forefront. Between business goals, personal (emotional and physical) goals and financial goals my life seems to be cluttered and unorganized. This journal was a great way to organize all of this all while keeping my main 13 week goal as my main priority.