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Best Marketing Strategy Winner For Build A BIGGER Business By Shopify!

Best Marketing Strategy Winner For Build A BIGGER Business By Shopify!

What is Build A BIGGER Business by Shopify?

Put simply it’s a showdown of the most promising businesses out there today. It’s sponsored and mentored by some of the most incredible business minds in the world, and it’s an opportunity for to learn and grow into an even bigger and better company!



"Anything can be achieved with a strong enough why."
- Tony Robbins

Today, we had the incredible honor of ringing the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) opening bell for the second time! This week we will also have the privilege of joining TONY ROBBINS in FIJI for 5 days of mentoring from:

5 days of mentoring


2016 Shopify Build A Business To Now

In 2016 we won the Shopify Build A Business Competition! It was a big moment for us and the opportunity helped be a step above. The lessons we learned in the 5 days spent with our mentors set us on the path we travel today. Since then so much has happened! 

Through close community interaction and feedback, we created the Graduate Edition of the Self Journal, for those who wanted less direction and more space for notes.

Similarly, we updated the standard Self Journal with tweaks to the layout and the inclusion of three ribbons instead of one for better organization.

Be assured, our efforts to improve on our flagship product will never end! At the same time, we will always strive to keep it the simple and effective tool we all know and love!

During our 2016 Holiday Team Building Trip, the idea of the Self Scholar was born! This new journal focused on the college experience, bringing all the things we love about the Self journal, and adding a few things to support building a more healthy, happy, and balanced college experience.

We also launched SmartMarks, a clutter-free way to take notes, and that’s just the year so far! This incredible win opens up new doors for BestSelf Co, so stay tuned and tell your friends. There are big things coming!  


What’s Next?

We are working on big things and this win will serve to help us do more. Becoming your best self starts when you turn inward, and decide what actions to take. But it doesn’t end there, we want to support and propel you forward at every step of the way. That's why we are focused on creating meaningful tools to help you in every moment of every day!  


We wouldn’t be here without YOU!

We want to thank everyone who has supported us through the start of this journey. Those who took a chance on the Self Journal, and who have used it to craft more fulfilled lives. You brought us to where we are today!

We also want to send a special thank you to those who have joined and take part in the uniquely positive, supportive, and helpful Facebook group, The BestSelf Alliance! It’s such a privilege to see your daily posts and be there with you as we all grow into the best versions of ourselves! Your shares and trust mean the world to us. This win is in no small part because of your support and love of what we do. We want to make you a promise that we will use this opportunity build an even better version of the company you love! 

Here’s to you each one of you!

Thank you, and talk soon!

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