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This 13-week goal planner, backed by science and success psychology, is designed to optimize your day, tackle your goals, and live a more fulfilled life. The Self Journal will help you:

  • Set, plan and track progress towards your biggest goals
  • Be more productive, overcome decision fatigue and focus on what matters most
  • Prioritize your workload, build good habits and make every day count

Filled with fountain pen friendly 100g white ivory paper. Hardcover 5.75" x 8.5” in size.

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The Success You Want Only Pages Away

They say ‘anything is possible’, but when life gets busy, it’s hard to move the needle on your goals.


Being busy is NOT the same as being productive.


Overwhelm, decision fatigue, and lack of time will keep you stuck in the weeds and spinning your wheels - unless you push back.


Backed by science and success psychology, the Self Journal is your proven framework for inevitable success. Packed with tried-and-tested templates and tools, this powerful 13-week goals planner guides you through setting, planning, and tracking progress towards your three biggest goals.


Use it to optimize your time, prioritize your workload, build good habits, and make each day count towards your big thinking targets.


With a Self Journal to keep you planned, productive, and accountable, your ambitious goals are as good as done. Get yours today and join thousands of high-achievers becoming their best self.


Imagine, no more deliberating what you should do and when. With the Self Journal’s structure to guide you, it’s easier than ever to become your best self. Start your journey now, and join thousands of people becoming their best self.

Quadruple your annual achievements

13 weeks is the goal-setting sweet spot. It's long enough to achieve something significant and short enough to cut procrastination - so you do more in a lot less time.

Make success inevitable

Studies show that success follows consistent daily action. It’s never an overnight thing. Use the journal to implement high-performance rituals, routines, and practices that work every day.

Luxurious everyday carry

Filled with fountain pen friendly 100g white ivory paper. Hard cover 5.75" x 8.5” in size.

Leverage multi-level planning

Success is related to how you invest your time. The Self Journal helps you mastermind your goals from a daily, weekly angle.

Achieve goals faster

Work smarter with proven tools that sharpen focus, eliminate decision fatigue, and cut through overwhelm.

Discover The Proven System That Makes Any Goal Possible

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Michael C.
United States United States
I’ve never been more productive

Im really glad I found this. About a year ago, I started using the journal and found my productivity skyrocketed. I was able to crush my 9-5 and design an app at the same time, and felt like I could really make progress on the things I wanted to do. At some point I fell off the wagon after a vacation and job change and stopped working on any side projects. Fast forward to Covid, now I’m stuck at home and feeling low as ever, with as much downtime as I could ask for in a fast-paced tech job. I remembered my experience with the BestSelf Journal and was intrigued to see they revamped it. So now I’m on my second, about a week in, and I’ve gone back to feeling motivated again. Even if I don’t hit my 13 week goal, which frankly, I just made up because I know I need more time for myself and creativity, I know I will have made better use of my time than if I never planned at all. The key is to just make the time to plan your day. If you can do that, you can do wonders. I’m digging the revamp, though the empty space means you have to take more of a free-form approach to reflection. All good, still worth every penny in my opinion. I do hope they offer a cheaper version with less wasted packaging though. I don’t need a calendar and guidebook every time if I buy more in the future. Thanks for building this product!

BestSelf Co. 4-Pack Self Journals Review
Jessica E.
Australia Australia

I LOVE my self journal. I am currently on to my second journal. The layout is simply but effective, it helps me set my priorities for the day and I especially love the nightly reflection as well. 10/10 best journal I've ever purchased. I will be a lifelong customer for sure

BestSelf Co. 4-Pack Self Journals Review
Anthony G.
United States United States
I owe a lot of my success to the Self Journal

The Self Journal has helped me create a structure that feeds into my daily, weekly and monthly goals. Within the 13 weeks, I got a great job that I love, I got my health care back and I published my first book!

Parker C.
United States United States
Keeping my life sane

Thank you so much for helping me keep track of my life in a sane manner. I am one of those people who used to over commit and over do daily and then panic about the undone while over tired. Giving me a paper and pen way to block out my time, discover my priorities, calculate only 3 daily targets, and evaluate my lessons and wins are a live saver! Now I am able to see how much I can do in a reasonable manner, focus on the positives, and block in rest and rejuvenation. Your articles and videos are also helpful and I often send them to my young adult children. THANK YOU!

BestSelf Co. 4-Pack Self Journals Review
Rochelle E.
United States United States
Self Journal is a Journey

I have been using my Self Journal for just over a week and I already feel more aware, focused, in tune with myself, and motivated. It certainly takes practice and a little bit of experimentation, so don't expect to maximize use or achieve perfection right out of the gate. The organization and layout are the best I've ever had the pleasure of using. One of my favorite things about the daily layout is that there is room for customization and creativity. I am able to personalize open space and love to get creative with colors and, on occasion, my daughter's washi tape, all of which enhance my motivation and focus. I highly recommend this product and look forward to using it long term.

BestSelf Co. 4-Pack Self Journals Review