Self Planner

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A six-month life planner designed to help you manage your time and plan your life. Undated. Start anytime.

Plan Your Life In A Way That Fits Your Life

Time is your most valuable resource. If you can leverage your minutes and spend more of your time doing the things you love, your life transforms as a result.


The Self Planner helps you master your time, focus on what’s important, and take control of your life -- every day.


Use the various templates to get clear on your priorities, mastermind your future, and infuse every day with the things that matter most to you.


Imagine, no more missing deadlines, dropping the ball, or forgetting important tasks. Instead, use your Self Planner to organize every area of your life and keep everything in one place.

Achieve work-life harmony

Your Self Planner includes a powerful benchmark tool that helps you own your success in each area of your life. See where you’re winning and where you’re falling short - then use your Self Planner to make worthwhile improvements.

Take back control

No more chasing your tail. Plan, prioritize and schedule your life with a powerful daily planner that won’t let you down.

Luxurious everyday carry

Hardcover measuring 7"x10” in size. Filled with fountain pen friendly 100g white ivory paper. Also includes a back pocket, two ribbon markers, and perforated corners.

Plan your time and your life

You don’t want to be living Groundhog day over and over. Not only will the Self Planner help you maximize your time, it empowers you to figure out what you want to do more of - so you can boost your productivity and build a life you love.

Focus on the bigger picture

With freedom pages, project planners, and habit trackers, the Self Planner inspires you to improve your life while you master your day.


The Perfect Mix of Flexibility and Structure for a Fuller Life

Choose Your Perfect Planner

Self Planner

6-month undated planner

Who it's for

Perfect if you want to take control of your time, and create work-life harmony


  • BestSelf Benchmark
  • 6-Month Bucket List
  • Quarterly reflection
  • Monthly habit tracker
  • Weekly time-blocking
  • 6 Project Plan sheets

Sized 7" x 10"

Plenty of room for at-a-glance weekly spreads, and freedom pages for thoughts

SELF Journal

13-week undated journal

Who it's for

Perfect if you're looking to maximize your productivity and achieve goals


3 goal setting templates

Weekly planning & reflection

Weekly habit tracker

Daily targets to focus on goals

Daily gratitude for positivity

Daily motivational quotes

Sized 5.75" x 8.5"

Ideal size to take with you everywhere you go

Think Bigger And Achieve More

1 for 1

One meal donated with every purchase

Designed for You

Fueling big ideas & getting more done

Alliance Community

Accomplishing more together


Customer Reviews

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Self planner Newbie

Having successfully used my Best self journal a couple of times. I found it great but had to use other journals for my monthly , 6 monthly and weekly plans. I found I need something that allowed me to have all my journals in one and not carry multiple ones. The self planner seems like the one. I am hoping to start to use it for the 1st half of the new year . Looks good so far and I am really enthusiastic about seeing how it will help reduce the need for multiple journals .

Brought focus to my life

It is just a week but I already see a way forward to achieve the goals I have identified.

BestSelf Saves My Professional Life Once Again!

After about 2 years of using the best self journal right after graduating college I was ready to start focusing more on my work-life balance and balancing my time between many obligations. Then the BestSelf Planner came and its amazing! I feel more organized, focused, and less overwhelmed. I love the design, the different spaces assists so much in planning, and the size works a lot better for my large handwriting. The feedback that I have and the only thing I want now is a BestSelf Planner Shield, for the book being black collects a lot of lent and other particles.