Icebreaker Deck

Create new opportunities to connect and have fun doing it.

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If you’re hosting a party, leading a team-building exercise, hanging with extended family, or simply want to have more meaningful conversations with the people around you, the Icebreaker Deck is an awesome tool for getting people talking, laughing, and sharing stories.

Nobody loves an awkward silence. Or an uncomfortable lull in conversation that puts you on the spot to try and think of thoughtful questions or pithy observations to fill the void. That’s why we created the Icebreaker Deck for you to have engaging questions ready to break the ice in a pleasant way.

    The Ice Breaker Deck will show you how to:

    • Move beyond awkward small talk
    • Spark meaningful conversations
    • Establish an instant connection
    • Share some valuable life learnings
    • Discover where you have common ground
    • 150 questions
    • 6 Topic categories to explore
    • Portable size ‎3.9" x 2.95" x 2.87"
    • Sustainably sourced sugarcane paper (13.4 oz)
    • Self-contained box
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    Get to know people better. And let them know the real you, too.

    Card count

    150 conversation prompts

    Package dimension

    3.7" x 2.87" x 2.87"


    Sustainably sourced sugarcane paper (13.4 oz)


    6 Topic Categories:

    • Deep
    • Experiences 
    • If You Could…
    • Life
    • Random
    • Would You Rather…

    Getting Started

    Let’s do this.

    Simply select a topic and a card, read aloud, and start sharing. Feel free to shuffle the deck or go topic by topic. Just have a good time, go with the flow, and enjoy watching everyone open up while getting to know each other on a deeper, more meaningful level.

    Pro tip
    You can also use the deck for journaling prompts.