Little Talk Expansion Pack

A brand new set of big questions to ask your little one.

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This expansion builds off the success of the original Little Talk Deck with 50 fresh questions to strengthen your bond while cultivating your child's self-confidence and emotional intelligence.

Designed to spark conversations with the kids in your life, this deck is the perfect gift for adults and children alike. It’s a way to turn everyday moments into meaningful memories. And it’s a wonderful way to get kids thinking and talking about things that matter to them.

What to expect from the Little Talk Expansion Pack:

  • 50 questions designed to engage kids ages 5-14
  • Suitable for all learning abilities
  • Connection with your kids, and opportunities for quality family time
  • Building their muscle around self expression
  • Inspire personal development from a young age
  • Cultivate self-acceptance and self-trust
  • Outcomes where children feel seen and heard

Ideal for getting kids to open up and share their feelings, thoughts, inspirations and insecurities so they feel listened to and oh so loved.  

  • 50 questions
  • 6 Topic categories to explore
  • 3.58" x 2.64" x 0.26"
  • Sustainably sourced sugarcane paper (13.4 oz)
  • Self-contained box
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What’s Inside

6 categories. 150 prompts. 
And a deeper connection with your kids.

Emotional Intelligence

Encourages kids to get in touch with their emotions and develop healthy self-awareness.

Hopes & Dreams

Invites kids to dream about their future and what they hope to accomplish or experience.

Likes & Dislikes

Gets kids talking about their favorite—and least favorite—things, so they feel seen and heard.


A fun, catch-all category of light-hearted questions that inspire openness and creative thinking. 


Helps kids process disappointments and hard feelings, as well as celebrate their wins and superpowers.

Self Expression

Allows kids to get some important things off their chests and ask for what they need to feel understood.


Everybody likes being asked about themselves. 
And kids are no different.

Card count

50 Question Cards

Package dimension

3.58" x 2.64" x 0.26"


Sustainably sourced sugarcane paper (13.4 oz)


6 Topic Categories

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Hopes & Dreams
  • Likes & Dislikes
  • Random
  • Reflection
  • Self Expression

Getting Started

Ask, listen & learn.

Kids are developing new thoughts and new feelings on a daily basis. They’re learning how to be good friends and good sports. They’re experiencing the rush of unearthing new discoveries, and the lows of things not going their way. As they find their voice and their place in this world, it’s important to make sure they feel invited to express themselves. And it’s critical for them to feel understood.

That’s where the Little Talk Deck comes in. 

I have yet to meet a child or family that doesn't LOVE this game and beg to play it again and again!

— Mary F, Customer

Our conversations have been more lively and wide in variety, especially since they allow for emotion, reflection, and fun. Highly recommend.

— Unique S, Customer

We have found that the deck not only asks incredibly deep yet accessible questions, but it has also helped launch into other important areas and topics and created an environment where we enjoy talking to each other more.

— Johnathan C, Customer