Day 1: Why Deep Relationships Are Important

Part 1: The Truth About Effort in Relationships


Disney taught us that it takes effort to have a fairy tale. However, they didn't show us what a relationship looks like after the first kiss!


The reality is that relationships truly require work and consistent in order to be successful.


In this five day mini course, I’m going to show you how you can make deeper conversation a non-negotiable part of your relationship - so you can reap the rewards of feeling closer than ever.


I promise, this course is going to cultivate something really special in your relationship because it’s going to help you put a daily habit on autopilot that’s game changing.

It’s going to help you make ‘relationship work’ a habit - without it feeling like work at all 💕

Sure, those monthly date nights or treasured romantic getaways feel great - at the time. They inject spark into your relationship, but without permanent habits, you will get back into your usual routine.


Remember, one-offs create a wow.


While daily relationship work creates a compound effect - that takes your love to a new level entirely.


That’s why I say with confidence that whether you’re just starting out, been married for years, or going through rocky times, this course has something for you.


So let’s dive in with your first piece of relationship work.

Part 2: Start With Just 10 Minutes

Your Day 1 Challenge: Choose your person, find your why!

1. Choose the person that you want to feel deeply connected to.

2. What's your why? Why do you want a more loving, deeper relationship with this person? What's the potential cost or downside if you don't put the time into it?

3. Schedule 10 minutes that you can dedicate 100% towards your partner and creating these deep conversations.


See you tomorrow for Day 2!