Day 4: Choosing courage over comfort

Create a Couple Bucket List!

Hello, and welcome to day 4!


How did your day of appreciation and gratitude go?


I know for many couples, this super simple exercise unleashes a new flow of love and helps them feel more connected together.


We’re going to continue with this deeply connected theme in today’s video…


This time, we’re talking about keeping things fresh.


Have you noticed how relationships are so easy in the early days!


That feeling of love and infatuation is so strong, you go out of your way to make your partner happy because it just feels so good. And because everything is new, the whole experience is exciting.


Then before you know it, the honeymoon period is over and that chemistry changes.


Suddenly, things aren’t quite so easy anymore.


And over time, your relationship can even become a little stale :-(


The good news is a stale relationship doesn’t mean your days together are numbered! Most relationships fall into a rut at some point meaning it’s your response to this that matters.


Remember what we said on day #1? Relationships take work!


And with so many other pressing priorities, it’s easy for other areas of your life to take your time and attention.


Good news! There are lots of ways you can shake yourself out of this predictability - and one of those is to try something new together.


Your Day 4 Challenge: Create a couple bucket list!

  1. Talk together about the things you’d like to do that you’ve not yet tried.

  2. Explore why that activity or experience appeals to you.

  3. Choose something you’ll do together.

  4. Create your plan to make it happen. Make sure you work out any potential roadblocks such as child care or the finances involved.  


Bucket list goals are of course a great topic of conversation, but also set the intention to pick something you can do together in the next month.


Have fun making plans together - and I’ll see you again tomorrow for lesson #5.