Here’s the #1 Mistake People Make in Relationships and How You Can Avoid It

How do couples go from loved-up to bickering like George Costanza’s parents on Seinfeld? It doesn’t happen overnight. Without investing the work in your relationship, it will crumble, leaving both partners unhappy and dissatisfied.

But why does this happen if you love each other? Relationships are only as strong as you make them. And that’s why so many of them are destroyed by one seemingly simple mistake that can tear everything apart.

The biggest mistake people make in romantic relationships is that they don’t learn how to grow together and become better partners for each other. In new relationships, things only stay on the surface and never dig deeper. In well-established relationships, quality time together is often shuffled to the side in favor of silently watching TV side-by-side rather than interacting.

Fortunately, there’s a new way to strengthen any romantic relationship so that both partners are fulfilled. Backed by relationship psychology, it can help you both get on the same page, both literally and figuratively.

Discover the New Way to Strengthen Relationships

While there are a number of courses, books, and coaches, out there for couples, BestSelf has created a set of intentional, guided relationship journals that help grow the love between you and make you better partners to one another. It’s not about people telling you what to do, it’s creating a framework that guides you. In just an hour per week over the course of 13 weeks, the journals, which come with a guidebook, help you navigate the rough seas of love no matter how long you’ve been together.

In the guidebook, it shows you how to complete the exercises you’ll share together along with other handy tools. Date ideas can spark imagination and help you try something different together, whether it’s skydiving or a new cuisine.

The exercises you’ll find show you how to appreciate your partner for their remarkable qualities. Sometimes trivial things can stand in the way of your focus, and this exercises will allow you both to shift your focus to a positive frame of mind.

For Lily and Dylan, a couple for just under 2 years, these relationship journals have made a difference even after just 4 weeks of using them daily. “It’s amazing that doing these simple exercises with each other every day has brought us so much closer together. We both feel so much more in tune with one another. It’s been such a blessing.”

Even for couples that have been together much longer, this new relationship journal set has been applauded for making relationship work fun rather than feeling like a chore. Jim and Cindy have been married for 11 years and say these journals have saved their marriage.

“We’d both be home together but never spend any quality time together. Bickering was a regular occurrence. After fighting while assembling a desk for our daughter, we decided we needed to try something different. The Relationship Journals help unblock our pathways to communication and now we’re stronger than we were when we first said, ‘I do,’” the couple revealed.

Because of the setup of these guided relationship journals, they can work for any romantic relationship. Commit to 13 weeks and you both will soon feel seen, heard, and understood, not to mention that love that brought you two together in the first place. It’s a great gift for newlyweds too, something that will help them keep that closeness they feel as they walk down the aisle.

The included Companion Course helps lead the way for every type of couple whether you’re newly-together or celebrating milestone anniversaries. Young or old, those that use these journals together bridge the communication gap and see that the only thing missing from the relationship was what each of them was putting into it. With exercises on paper, interactive exercises, audio and video, you’ll find the way back to that place in your heart where you started together and be able to move forward together on the same path.

Improve Your Relationship with the BestSelf Relationship Journals

The next move is yours. If you want to open your eyes to love, plan your future together, have deeper and more meaningful conversations and feel that spark again, these journals will create a path for you. For new couples like Dylan and Lily or older ones like Jim and Cindy, and every type of couple in between, you can get on the same page together, literally, with this incredible journal set.

Start seeing the difference 13 weeks of journaling makes for your relationship together in as little as an hour per day.