Companion Course

Welcome to the Relationship Journals Companion Course

a course by Cathryn Lavery [founder and CEO of BestSelf Co] created in partnership with Rachel Wright, MA, LMFT [licensed marriage family therapist, sexologist, and sex therapist].

This course contains additional, bonus content to support your journey with your Relationship Journals.

There are 13 videos in total - one for each week - designed to deepen the topics, themes, and conversations sparked inside your journal and guidebook.

We recommend you watch the bonus video after you’ve read the guidebook and journal for the corresponding week.

Feel free to leave a comment on each week's course page and share your Relationship Journals experience.

Above all, have fun as you enjoy an intentional experience to create a stronger, more intimate connection with your partner.

Week 1: Relationship Snapshot

Week 2: Our Love Story

Week 3: Love in Translation

Week 4: Our Ideal World

Week 5: Cultivation Appreciation

Week 6: Sum of Strengths

Week 7: Conflict & Fears

Week 8: Empowered Requests

Week 9: Communication Issues

Week 10: Listening & Boundaries

Week 11: Sex & Intimacy

Week 12: Goals & Dreams

Week 13: Shared Values & Synergy