3 Ways to Cope When You're
Stressed at Work
Ever felt like you've taken on too much, or there's just not enough time in the day? You're not alone.

It happened to us while we were building our company BestSelf Co. Long days packed with to-do lists, and ending the day feeling drained and unsatisfied.

We knew there had to be a better way, so we came up with what eventually became known as our flagship product - the SELF Journal.

And with over 172,000 copies sold all over the world, it’s helped a number of others who found themselves in over their heads or stressed out with their work.

"This has singlehandedly changed my life. The consistency of the small victories has really changed my mindset from thinking ‘I can’t’ to actually seeing results. It’s a must in my life now- a permanent fixture!"
Paula, A SELF Journal User
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3 Ways to Put the SELF Journal To Work For You
Whether you’re self employed, working passionately in a day job, or trying to launch your own side hustle, there are some key ways you can use The SELF Journal to help you get it organized, get it right, and get it done.
Break it down.
Take your big, overwhelming goal and break it down into weekly milestones to be completed. From there you’ll break down your weekly milestones into daily tasks. We recommend doing this on Sunday nights so your days are mapped out in front of you for the whole week. You’ll be amazed when you wake up with a clear idea of exactly what needs to get done that day AND how those tasks play into the bigger milestone of your weekly goals. Within just a few weeks you’ll have taken a big bite into your goal and momentum will start to build.
Start positive.
Do you start your day with “Argh! There’s just so much to do today”? Or with “I’m grateful I get to tackle my goals today”. The SELF Journal gives you room on each daily page to write down 3 things you’re grateful for, what will make your day great, and the 3 most important targets you have for the day. By making time to actively recall what you can be grateful for, you will cultivate the habit of starting with a positive mindset, which will help you stay focused and optimistic about the future, even under pressure.
Eat the frog first.
Your "frog" is the hardest but most important task in your calendar. You’ll have the most amount of energy at the start of the day - imagine the sense of relief you’ll have when it’s not even lunchtime and your biggest problem or task is already solved! Write down your targets on your SELF Journal so you can see what your tasks are and then determine which tasks to prioritize. It makes the rest of the day fall into place, and you'll be better prepared to brace the stress, anxiety and overwhelm of your day.
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