The Secret to My Success: How I Hold Myself Accountable and Achieve My Goals in Life

How do you find that dare-to-be-great situation? You’re probably already sitting right on top of it, like I was. You just lack the inspiration to get there.

I know because I went through it too. We all do.

We all go through those moments where we neglect our potential. It’s hard to stay on track without the right tools though.

I’ve used journals and planners before to stay organized. But none of them went that extra mile in helping hold me accountable while keeping me inspired to achieve my goals. Not until I found BestSelf’s Self Journal.

Once I found this proven 13-week goal-setting journal, it helped me open those doors for myself and send me on my way to my dreams.

Discover the New Way to Self-Inspiration

Can a journal do all that for you, you might ask. A better question is why isn’t your journal doing this for you? That’s what I came to discover as I started filling the pages of the course of 13 weeks.

Naturally, there are pages that keep you organized for important tasks, meetings, events, and stuff like that. But it goes far beyond simply writing reminders of due dates and those things. You have room to expand on those things for your goals. It really gets you thinking!

I’ve never used anything like this that takes those planning aspects and seemingly mundane things you need to do daily or weekly and merges it with your goals. You can fill out areas for the week that touch on goals for your health, finances, relationships, work, personal growth, and mindfulness.

With these things plus the objectives, I started shaping my dreams into actionable and achievable goals. It comes with a guidebook that shows you how each section works. Once you start doing it, it’s pretty hard to stop.

What I loved most of all though was that it helped inspire me in every area to be my best self. At work, I killed it on a pitch and got the promotion I wanted. I discovered potholes in my plan for good health and was able to get back on track. And, I took something that I’d been putting off, shoving behind every other priority because it was just for me, and I flourished.

That thing was authoring a book. Now that I’ve written it, I’m looking at publishing and am using the Self Journal to help me keep organized and on top of that too.

What the BestSelf Self Journal is All About

This goal planner is set up for 13 weeks and backed by science and success psychology principles to help you succeed. You’ll see how to optimize your day, crush those goals, and find out how to make your life more fulfilling.

The tools within the Self Journal taught me to set, plan, and track my progress toward my biggest goals. After a week, I’d say I was far more productive. And as I moved through it, I overcome my obstacles and focused on what matters the most.

Before using it, I felt like I had no direction and I was flailing around with bad habits. I had a tendency to waste time and now I feel like I’ve got more of it to live and make each day count.

Because of the way this Self Journal is set up, it can work to help anyone get on track with achieving goals. I loved how it helped me so much that I ordered them for my brother, sister, and best friend. It really is the kind of gift that gives more back to you than anything, and I wanted to share it with as many people as possible.

Improve Your Life with the BestSelf Self Journal

Are you putting off things you should be doing now? Are you talking yourself out of the dreams you have because you think you can’t achieve them or don’t deserve them? I am telling you, this Self Journal is the way out of that negative headspace. Try it and you’ll see how much potential you truly have and how you can succeed at the things you strive for when you just stay organized and focused with intent on those goals. This journal will take you there without taking up more of your time.