Art of Persuasion Masterclass
Communication Skills

Art of Persuasion Masterclass

Join Cathryn Lavery, founder and CEO of BestSelf Co. and Max Klymenko, business owner and "online edutainer" with over 2 million TikTok followers, for this one-hour masterclass where they'll share ...

Personal GrowthCore Values Workshop

Core Values Workshop

Core values are a compass that help you align your decisions, live with purpose and find out what makes you tick. Join Cathryn Lavery, founder and CEO of BestSelf Co. and Jay Papasan, Co-Author of ...

Goal-SettingWrite. Heal. Transform. Journaling Masterclass

Write. Heal. Transform. Journaling Masterclass

Join Georgina El Morshdy, BestSelf Co.'s head writer and host of "Writing Your Best Self" podcast, and Lamia Pardo, founder and CEO of Journify - an audio journaling app, for this FREE journaling m...

GratitudeHow a Daily Gratitude Practice Reduces Stress

How a Daily Gratitude Practice Reduces Stress

Take back control by changing your perspective to develop a positive mindset and reduce stress! Feeling positive and optimistic empowers you to step out of your comfort zone, and this video shows y...

Goal-SettingThe Power of Yet

The Power of Yet

When it comes to your goals, self-sabotage is a common problem. But did you know there’s a super simple way to take your foot off the brakes? It’s one simple word… Instead of telling yourself “I c...

Personal GrowthThe Truth About Personal Development

The Truth About Personal Development

What do you do when you realize that you want to make a change in your life? How do you invest in your personal development to build resilience and an attitude that will set you up for success? Kee...

Personal GrowthWhy You Need To Start Your Day With a Frog

Why You Need To Start Your Day With a Frog

Not all tasks are created equally! This one simple but powerful concept can help you overcome procrastination, prioritize your to-do list, and feel more confident. Based on the book by Brian Tracy,...

Personal GrowthOvercome Self-Sabotage with Divergent Thinking

Overcome Self-Sabotage with Divergent Thinking

Divergent thinking is a powerful thinking technique that empowers you to uncover hidden problems and unlikely solutions so you can avoid more roadblocks and achieve bigger goals.

Goal-SettingWhy 13 Weeks Is The Goal-Setting Sweet Spot

Why 13 Weeks Is The Goal-Setting Sweet Spot

Unlike other journals, the undated 90-day Self Journal is designed to help you guide you towards meeting your goals and helping you maximize each day. Here are 3 reasons why this time-frame works: