Three Power Principles That Make Success Inevitable

Three Power Principles That Make Success Inevitable

Ever wondered why some people achieve all their goals while other people struggle to get out of the starting blocks? It’s frustrating to have big dreams only to see them fall by the wayside - especially when something inside you knows you can do it. So how can you make success ‘inevitable’? How can you make it more likely that you won’t fail? If you’re ready to smash your next goal and feel the high that comes from achieving something you craved, these three power principles will help you get there.

Implement them into your life today and see how much further they take you.

1. Break your goal into bite-sized steps

Overwhelm is one of the most significant goal killers. When the thing you want is way over there, and your starting point is way back here, it’s all too easy for the doubts to creep in.

Big goals will stretch you, and they will push you out of your comfort zone. A big goal will require you to do things you’ve never done before, and this soon feeds your doubts. You wouldn’t climb Everest in one step. It’s the same with your goals. Instead, you have to identify the baby steps needed to take you across the finish line - then work on those instead.

This power principle changes the game. Instead of feeling daunted by that mountain, put one foot in front of the other - every single day. Pretty soon, those baby steps compound into something significant and before you know it, you’ve arrived!

What are the bite-sized steps towards your goal? For example:

- Writing a book - write 500 words a day
- Building a business - make three sales calls a day
- Increasing your fitness - run once a day

Your goals are more about the journey than they are about the final result. Figure out how to chip away at your target a little every day, and you’ll be surprised how much further and faster you move.

2. Foster a positive mindset

The way you think about yourself en route to your goal will have an overwhelming impact on how far you can go. If you believe you can do it, you probably will. If you think you won’t, then that’s your likely result.

Your mind is insanely powerful, and your thinking patterns are a crucial indicator of your success.

When you’re working towards a stretching goal, your fears will come out with a vengeance. That is a given! Fear is your automatic response to perceived danger and a warning sign to keep you safe. In short, fear will do everything it can to keep you stuck in your status quo.

If you want to make success inevitable, you have to cultivate a positive mindset. You need to foster the self-belief that knows you can overcome any setback and push through any hurdle. This transition will take work and commitment, but it’s doable. To help boost your positivity, try these three techniques:

- Practice gratitude - when you’re thankful for all the things you already have, you realize how abundant you already are. This practice guides your mind in a positive direction and helps unlock the confidence you need to win.
- Own your wins - train your mind to acknowledge when you’ve crushed it. Appreciate yourself for success and use the boost this gives you to propel yourself forward.
- Affirmations - your mind is very suggestible. So if positivity is not yet your default, hack it with the help of affirmations. Look yourself in the mirror and repeat positive phrases daily until they become part of your inner dialogue and your belief system.

3. Prioritize what matters

You say your goals are essential, but do you give them the time and attention they deserve?

It’s all too easy to be busy, but not productive in today’s society. When you have a million and one things to juggle, it’s not unusual to start chasing your tail while burning the candle at both ends. Social media steals your time, notifications keep you from deep work, and distractions throw you off your train of thought.

If you’re not careful, you’ll hit your pillow wondering what you achieved!

If you want to move the needle on your life, invest more time doing the things that matter. You can do this by prioritizing your to-dos to ensure you’re focused on activities that make the most impact.

When goals get the leftovers, you’ll always fall short, but give game-changing tasks the time they deserve and watch how this shift propels you forward.

Daily time planning is a powerful principle that helps you get the most important things done.

- First, decide your priorities - what are the three tasks that will move the needle the furthest?
- Next, schedule these activities into your day. Give them a fixed time window and the space you need to do them correctly.

Make success inevitable with the Self Journal

It’s easy to get yourself into habits that don’t serve the bigger picture. It’s easy to fall into poor routines that slow us down instead of helping us move at pace.

It’s why you need a Self Journal!

This 13-week Goal Planner helps to make your success inevitable. Use it to break your goal into bite-sized chunks, then plan to close the gap every single day.

Your Self Journal also helps foster positivity with its gratitude and reflection practices.

And with productivity-sparking daily pages designed to move the needle at pace, you’ll soon be working smarter [not harder]. Get ready to uncovering plenty of quality time to do work that makes big dents.

Don’t leave your goals to chance. Instead, plan to make them happen with the tool, thousands of others use to practice the three power principles that make success inevitable.

Now it’s your turn.


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