Relationship Bundle

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Strengthen your relationship with tools that spark meaningful conversation, appreciation, and quality time with your special someone.

Includes the Relationship Journal, Intimacy Deck, NEW Intimacy After Dark Deck, Relationship Deck, Date Deck, and It's a Date.

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The Perfect Gift for Couples

Beyond the fairytale beginnings, relationships take work. When you lead a busy life, it’s all-too-easy to fall into the bad habits of small talk and taking your partner for granted.

The Relationship Bundle empowers you to keep things fresh and exciting with tools that make love and deep connection an everyday habit.

Combining conversation and appreciation, now you can spice up your quality time together while cultivating an attitude of gratitude towards each other.

Couples who really talk and value each other are more likely to stay together. With the help of these easy-to-use tools, time will bring you closer together rather than further apart.

More about what's included...

Intimacy Deck

Deepen Your Connection with the Intimacy Deck

This popular couples game features 150 prompts across 6 different categories to spark deeper and more meaningful conversations with your special someone.

      • Ignite the intimate spark.
      • Get to know each other better.
      • Be truly present and connected together.
      • Learn to speak each other’s love languages.

Hundreds of 5-star reviews! More about the Intimacy Deck

Become Better Partners with the Relationship Journals

Grow your love and become better partners in as little as one hour per week with this set of intentional, guided relationship journals plus a guidebook. Backed by relationship psychology, over 13 weeks you’ll discover how to:

  • Show up for your partner fully, so you both feel seen, heard, understood, and loved.
  • Develop proven habits, rituals, and skills for strengthening your relationship.
  • Build “Love Maps” that elevate your understanding of each other.
  • Cultivate techniques for increased intimacy, security, respect, and appreciation.
  • Enhance your communication with prompts for talking about everything.

More about the Relationship Journals

Relationship Journals
Relationship Deck

Talk About What Matters Most with the Relationship Deck

Designed for couples who desire partnership, this deck of prompts sparks 150 conversations about important relationship decisions and considerations. Feel closer. Connect deeper.

      • Ensure assumptions don’t undermine the quality of your relationship and connection.
      • Explore six important areas including finance, health, work, & personal growth.  
      • Makes it easy to talk about uncomfortable, but essential topics.
      • Get to know what your partner really thinks about the most important stuff.

More about the Relationship Deck

Spark More Meaningful Conversations with the Date Deck

Take the pressure off date night with 50 conversation starters created to help you get to know each other better.

  • Play the Couple's Date Deck game. Choose a category, answer questions, and collect points!
  • Explore five question categories for exciting, engaging conversations.
  • Get beyond small talk with ease.
  • Pocket-sized for taking out and about.
  • A fun way to strengthen your relationship and talk about what matters so you can grow together.

More about the Date Deck

Date Deck
Intimacy After Dark Deck

Spice Things Up with the Intimacy After Dark Deck

Get ready for more nights (and days) in with this tool for talking about and exploring sex to bring more connected intimacy into your life.

  • Includes 150 conversation prompts and action cards. 😉
  • A fun, easy way to talk about sex  
  • Sex therapist approved. Perfect for all types of relationships, LGBTQ+ friendly.

More about the Intimacy After Dark Deck