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Self Journal GoodNotes & Notability App Template

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See why customers love the Self Journal GoodNotes & Notability App Template

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Lynn R.
United States United States
Great to have a digital version but disappointed with the limited formatting

This has always been one of my favorite journals and I'm glad to finally have the option to use it digitally. I was disappointed that the template only includes ONE of each page and that it hasn't been formatting as a journal. I've purchased other digital journals - for a lot less than $30 - that format the file so all the pages are there in the necessary order (e.g. a week page, followed by seven daily pages, etc.) I'm less than delighted that I have this copy-paste task in front of me to start using the journal. It also makes the daily quote annoying rather than inspiring. Most digital journals for Good Notes also go to the trouble of hyperlinking the pages. I look forward to a more fully featured version in the future.

Lynn R.
United States United States
Glad to have a digital version, but disappointed with formatting

This is one of my favorite journals and I have missed it when switching to mostly digital. I'm so happy to have it as a digital version. I was somewhat disappointed that the digital version is simply the single pages from the journal (one of each type). Other digital journals I've purchased (for a lot less than $30) have created the structure (e.g. a weekly page, followed by seven daily pages, etc.), along with hyperlinks between the pages. I wasn't expecting the DIY copy/paste task of creating the journal for myself for the 13 weeks. Additionally, this makes the daily quote much less valuable. Having a different quote each day was one of the things I like about Best Self. Now every day is the same quote forever and always. I look forward to having a fully packaged, hyper linked version in the future.

Abbas R.
Canada Canada
Great Product

Simply Awesome! The digital format is a great tool. It is a great way to capture all your thoughts.

Jamie S.
United States United States
Best Self Journal Digital Review

The overall experience I had with the GoodNotes version of the Best Self Journal was excellent. Full Functionality and no technical glitches at all. It’s everything you want from the Best Self Journal right in your tablet. The only thing keeping me from using it on a regular basis is the longevity. I have paper and bullet journals going back over 6 years. But I have had at least 2 or 3 new iPads in that same period and the majority of the documents and especially GoodNotes have been lost, mot compatible with an upgrade, or in a file that is no longer functioning. I have books on my shelf that I read 30 years ago that I can access at anytime but I can’t look at pictures or video of my son’s 1st birthday because they are on a CD-Rom that I cannot access. I am all for the use of digital technology to progress society but there is still something to be said for ink and paper to last through generations.

Hunter L.
United States United States
Outstanding Quality, Sharp, Easy To Use, Just Like The Real Thing

I am a long-time user of the original Self Journal, but after transferring so much of my classwork to the iPad, I've been using Goodnotes for everything. This was an amazing idea to add this to the Goodnotes compatible format. The detail is sharp and all of the pages are just like the original. Great work whoever made the GoodNotes version! As a friendly suggestion, I would include photos of the digital version in the photos for the item so that your user-base can see how sharp it really is (this was a bit of a gamble on my part, but turned out OK).

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