Little Hero's Journal

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A 13-week self-discovery adventure that empowers children ages 8-12 to develop a growth-mindset, a can-do attitude, and the confidence to be themselves.

✅ Inspires a habit of reflection and personal growth from a young age.
✅ Promotes happiness, positive self-esteem and develops healthy habits for life.
✅ Daily activities that cultivate confidence, creativity, and curiosity.
✅ Includes a bonus fold-out roadmap to track their progress.

A self discovery adventure designed to help children learn more about themselves and become more impactful in just 13 weeks.

Let's Take A Look Inside!

Little Hero’s Roadmap

When taking on a challenge, it’s fun to see how far you’ve come, especially if you’re a kid! Kids will use the Little Hero’s Roadmap to track their progress during their 13-week journey and have a big sense of accomplishment when completing it!

Weekly Habit Tracker

When learning something new or trying to get better at something it’s often better to practice little and often. For example, doing something for 10 minutes a day every day vs. one hour a week will help develop a habit. Kids can use the weekly habit trackers to inspire daily practice. At the start of each week, they’ll write down up to five habits they want to track, then color a section in when each habit is done.

Daily Mission Pages

Each day your child will have different reflection questions to explore and daily missions intended to challenge them, develop new skills and explore different experiences.

Daily missions
Each day your child will have a unique daily mission. No two days are alike! They are designed to challenge them, develop new skills, and explore different experiences.
Something to think about
Each day, you will find a reflection question to think about. These questions help children build self-awareness so they can get to know themselves better.
Today I am grateful for
A regular gratitude practice can help you become a positive thinker. This space is for your child to write down something big or small they feel thankful for.
Random acts of kindness
Here, the child can make a note of something nice they did, or something they plan to do, for others. Small things go a long way, like helping a friend at school, holding open a door, or writing someone a thank you note.

"...Little Hero’s Journal should be a go-to for any parent or teacher of children ages 6-9. Utilizing the precepts of positive psychology and cognitive therapy, Little Hero’s Journal provides motivation for positive behavior and growth for children ages 6-9. The engaging graphics are joy-filled and inclusive. The regular practices of journaling, gratitude and behavior tracking suggested in the Journal have strong empirical support as methods for addressing mental health issues both before and after they are identified. And, in a world where “just be nice” has become bumper-sticker and t-shirt worthy, the emphasis on benevolence is appropriate and relevant."

- Jane Hellwig, PhD, Clinical Psychologist

"Little Hero’s Journal is a refreshing approach to help little ones recognize and accept ALL emotions as useful. In a world where we try to be overly positive and raise our kids with just good experiences, we undervalue the challenging ones. This journal helps with little talked about emotions and issues. It helps with identity issues and body positivity. It teaches gratitude but does not ignore that value can be cultivated through the most difficult emotions. I am happy to see a useful piece of material for children to learn about themselves on a daily and regular basis. Good stuff!"

- Laura Perino, MRC, LPCC-S

“Little Hero’s journal is exactly what kids need! I definitely recommend this journal not only to parents but to schools as a resource to develop the social-emotional growth processes our children need to become successful students and heroes!”

- Lauren Jack, Curriculum Department Head