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" Depending on what they are, our habits will either make us or break us. We become what we repeatedly do. "

―Sean Covey

Do the right habits consistently and you’ll transform ANY area of your life. It’s how habits lead to inevitable success. So if you’re ready to create a step-change in your life, join the #30DayHabit Challenge and be your best self.

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How to complete the #30DayHabit challenge

It’s fun and easy to take part:

1. Pick up to 3 daily habits to build or maintain.

2. Work with a partner for accountability and support.

3. Track your habits and create a winning streak using your free habit tracker.

4. Share your progress and pictures on Instagram tagging @bestselfco with hashtag #30DayHabit.

5. Stick with it! Imagine where you’ll be after 30 days of daily action...

Which habits to choose?

1. First, decide what areas of your life you want to improve.

2. Next, think about the outcome you want. For example, do you want to:

    1. Get healthier
    2. Feel closer to your partner
    3. Learn a new skill
    4. Build your confidence

3. Finally, decide the daily actions that will help you achieve those goals. For example:

    1. Get healthier - drink 4 pints of water, walk 10,000 steps, quit chocolate or smoking
    2. Feel closer - daily conversation with the Intimacy Deck, daily appreciation note
    3. Learn a new skill - read for 15 mins or watch a related TEDTalk

#StayAtHome Habit Suggestions

Cook a meal
from scratch

Fitness routine
(10 mins a day)

Organize a virtual social
get-together (e.g. book club)

Learn a skill online and advance
your career (20 minutes a day)

Learn a new language
(10 minutes a day)

Read a book
(one chapter a day!)

Need more inspiration?

Tips to ensure you complete the #30DayHabit Challenge


Use your Habit Tracker

We’re creatures of habit because familiarity feels safe. New habits will expand your comfort zone, and your brain will protest! Habit Trackers help you overcome this initial resistance. Here’s how:


    • Visualize your progress with daily checks
    • Feel good about yourself as your winning streak grows  
    • Reach the point where it’s more painful to break the chain than do your habit

Plan your habits

Don’t leave your habits to chance. Instead, decide when you’ll complete them and plan them on your schedule to ensure they get done.


Stay accountable

Who’s holding you accountable to your promises? Ask a buddy or check-in with a member of your family. Leverage the power of public accountability to ensure you don’t give up.

Imagine who you’ll be and how you’ll feel after 30 days of habits that positively impact your life.

Join the #30DayHabit Challenge and you won’t be doing this alone. Instead. You’ll be building new habits with a whole community of awesome people. So grab this chance to build the habits you’ve been putting off.


It’s the perfect time!

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