Why do you need a time management tool?


Running a side hustle



People with ADHD, including BestSelf founder, Cathryn Lavery, tend to have trouble focusing. To help herself manage this challenge, Cathryn created a formula with the SelfJournal system, where all she had to do was fill in the blanks on the pages in order to make progress and hold herself accountable.

Our Self Journal helps with “time blindness”—something many of us suffer with today, thanks to social media and other distractions that make it hard for us to track time and how we spend it.

Why 3 months instead of 12 months? A year-long time-based journal feels more like a way to just capture your thoughts and activities, whereas a 3-month journal gives you an actionable deadline for reaching both short and longer-term goals. It’s long enough to develop a healthy habit, and short enough to commit to. In other words, you’ll feel more motivated to take action.

It’s easier to fend off procrastination when there’s a finish line in sight.

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  • "As a professional headshot photographer for small businesses, support group leader for adults with ADHD adults and aspiring ADHD life & business coach, this product has simplified my life, created more time to do what I want with life, and put me one step closer to my goals and vision. I love it so much that I recommend all my small business clients as well as anyone who has ADHD. I found phones and computers to be too distracting to use whereas this product is perfect. It forces you to slow down, self analyze, and really think about life."

    • JP

  • "I have been through many journals and organizers. It helps manage my ADD by being able to quickly view my priorities, and the consistency over time. And also with time dilation since I can lose track of my goals after days and weeks. The struggle is real, and the challenge is still there! But I've found this to be a great support. Just bought my second one!"
    - Anonymous

  • "I'm on my second best self planner now, and it's the only planner I've stuck with using for more than a couple of weeks. It's perfect for my chaotic brain, it's virtually exactly what I would've designed for myself. It keeps me focused and on track, it doesn't allow me to plan too much detail into my day (rendering the whole thing too busy to make sense of), and the projects pages are perfect to give me a structured way of externalising my ideas and plans."

    • Rosie

Running a side hustle

The Self Journal helps you protect your time and audit where your time is spent. Running a small business requires efficiency, and that's exactly what you get from the daily target-setting exercises provided in the Self Journal.

Targets, not to-do lists: While it’s satisfying to cross things off of a list, it’s not necessarily going to help you beyond that feeling of satisfaction that comes with drawing a line through a task. Targets (the most important tasks you want to achieve) are the activities you must accomplish to ensure you take consistent action towards your outcome or goal.

Designed specifically for goal setting and time management, the journal includes daily, weekly, and monthly planning pages, as well as space for reflection and goal tracking. Not only that, it also includes prompts for gratitude, affirmations, and self-reflection, to help entrepreneurs stay motivated and focused on their goals.

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  • "As a small business owner, I'm always on the lookout for things to help me be more efficient without adding more on to my plate. My favorite part(s) about this journal is the gratitude component, and that I've finally found a way to schedule in self-care without being stressed about "wasting" time. I'm on day 5 of using it, and I've had one of the most efficient weeks EVER. Consider me converted!"
    - Ann Marie

  • Fantastic journal-planner for keeping myself and my business on track! I love the combination of planning, accountability, and reflection that is built into each 90-day cycle.

    • Kimberley


Because it is based on 13-week goals, the Self Journal is ideal for anybody who works with medium-term projects over the semester. (Post-graduate students especially love the ability to track progress towards theses over time.)

The SelfJournal was the first goal-based journal on the market, structured with not just a calendar in mind, but as a tool and roadmap for becoming who you want to be and what you want to accomplish.

Use the goal-setting sections to break down milestones and critical drivers, and then plan and track monthly, weekly, and daily progress.

Try the Self Journal

  • "I am a ridiculously unorganized student and this is the only planner I've ever been able to use consistently and to my actual advantage. Great for anyone who wants a freeform layout but more structure than a bullet journal. The weekly notes pages are phenomenal, the note pages in the back are the perfect amount for occasional journaling, lists, etc. When I was first buying the planner I was worried I would run out but I've always had a few left once finished. I really like the monthly spreads- it's great that they are undated."

    - Bryn

  • "I'm currently enjoying a 100+ streak of meditation, over five months of sobriety, and I just graduated with my Master's degree, all thanks to the goals and habits I committed to in these journals. I'm excited to get back in the classroom this fall, and slay my PhD with the help of my trusty Best Self journal! I'm never going back to other planners."

    - Lazarus

Self Journal

A system designed to make your success inevitable.

What’s inside?

Self Journal:
- A portable place to set, plan, and track progress towards your biggest goals
- A guided yet flexible canvas for creating the life you want
- A system for manifesting inevitable success

A detailed manual for getting the most out of your Self Journal

13-Week Roadmap:
- Visualize and celebrate your progress each day
See the big picture
- Daily actions for getting from A to B
Daily reflection practice to stay on track