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Packed with 150 conversation starters, the Intimacy Deck is designed to spark the deep and meaningful conversations that bring you closer together.

Whether you’re long-term married or just starting out, the Intimacy Deck can deepen your love. Here’s how…

Unlock the power of conversation

“Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters.” - Margaret Wheatley

One of the most important things for a successful relationship is to feel deeply connected to another person. We want to feel seen and heard for who we really are. We want to feel that our partner understands us. This is why meaningful conversation is so critical. Talking helps you get on the same page as each other. It helps you feel united, which in turn makes it easier to resolve conflict, connect around your values, and feel that your relationship is growing.

In comparison, when conversation stops, that feeling of connection can dissolve.

The reasons are many, but familiarity can feel stale and it’s all too easy to get caught up in the autopilot of life. Work piles up, kids absorb your time, and when the evening comes all you want to do is switch off and binge watch Netflix! Goodbye quality time together!

Worst still, it’s tempting to feel that you know your partner and therefore make assumptions about who they are and what they’re thinking.

We rely on love holding us together [because that’s what the fairytales and romantic comedies promise], forgetting that relationships take work!

Good news! There’s a super-easy way to ‘work’ on your relationship… simply commit to a conversation habit. This ‘work’ doesn’t have to feel contrived. Remember the mantra ‘what gets planned gets done’? Get together and choose a time to fit this ritual into your daily routine.

Make your conversation time deep talk time. Dig into subjects that help you get to know each other on a deeper and deeper level. Allow curiosity to lead the way and figure out how your partner thinks and feels about various topics. For example, you could talk about:

  • Hopes & dreams
  • Your feelings
  • Your values and beliefs
  • Your wants and needs 

And if these deeper conversations feel confronting, the Intimacy Deck has your back!

How many times have you wanted to ask your partner something, but you felt awkward or uncomfortable - even embarrassed?

The Intimacy Deck asks the questions - so you don’t have to. And with 150 prompts to talk through, that’s a LOT of conversations! How you use the deck is up to you. You can work through a question at a time, or pick a topic at random.

And if you’re looking for creative ways to weave this tool into your relationship, here are 10 to get you started.

1. Date night!

Do you naturally default to the same topics of conversation on date night? Work, kids, what you’re going to do at the weekend? While these topics are important, things can get predictable if your conversations feel repetitive.

The Intimacy Deck helps turn date night into a conversation that lasts all night long!

Pick a prompt and see where the question takes you. Perfect for disappearing down rabbit holes you didn’t know existed. Ideal for keeping things fresh and exciting. Designed to nurture intimacy.

2. Before bed ritual

End the day with a meaningful conversation by pulling a prompt and talking about it together. It’s a great way to feel deeply connected and close before you drift off to dreamworld.

3. Over dinner

Do you have a tendency to fiddle with your phone over dinner? Our phones are so integrated into our lives, often they feel like an extension of who we are. But when the latest notification draws you away from the person in front of you, we forget what’s most important.

Get in the habit of putting away your phone and pulling an Intimacy prompt instead. It’s a simple ritual that increases connection and stops you from being overly distracted by the digital world.

4. When you’re feeling disconnected

Still seething after a fight. Too tired to strike up a conversation. Feeling bored and frustrated and lacking energy? Again the Intimacy Deck can help. Pull a card and let the question focus your attention. You never know… once you get talking, you may not want to stop!

5. Send a text

Want to move beyond emojis and small talk in your text messages? Pick a card, take a photo, and send to your beau. It’s a great way to spark connection when you’re apart - even strike up a conversation that continues when you’re back home.

6. Long-distance love

Long-distance love is tough. The Intimacy Deck is here to keep you talking and feeling close - even when there are miles between you. Hold virtual date nights or start your conversation with a prompt - anything goes.

7. At work?

Here’s an interesting example of the Intimacy Deck in action. Check out this video and discover how one wedding photographer uses intimacy questions to inspire incredible photographs of loved-up couples on their big day.

Girl with Intimacy Decks

8. On a journey

Planes, trains, and automobiles! Long journeys offer the time to dive deep into a conversation. In fact, those conversations can be just as important as the trip itself. Take some prompts with you and chat away in the car, at the airport, or in the cafe during a layover. Not only does a good conversation make the time go faster, but it can make you feel more connected too.

9. On vacation

You’re in a different place with different weather, and no work to think about! Escaping the day-to-day routine is one of the best things about a vacation. When you’re surrounded by new things and you don’t have to worry about the everyday stuff, you discover new things about yourself and your partner. The Intimacy Deck can help ignite these discoveries by sparking conversations with your partner that go somewhere.

10. Reflect on your conversations

You could write the date that you answer the question, or write in your journal about how the conversation made you feel. This can be a powerful way to track how your discussions help your relationship grow.

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