How To Plan The Next Quarter For Happiness & Success

How To Plan The Next Quarter For Happiness & Success

By Georgina El Morshdy

Is there something you’d love to BE, HAVE or DO in the next three months? Maybe an adventure from your Live List, a lift in your finances, or a personal growth win.

Three months is a significant chunk of time that - when used intentionally - can transform into a tangible outcome.

The secret is to take meaningful steps NOW to increase your chances of achieving your desired result.

It’s one thing to dream about a wish coming true.
It’s another to sit down with your planner and get clear on the specific steps and actions that will move you closer to your goal.

So don’t leave your life to chance!

Commit your future self NOW by clarifying your focus for the last quarter of the year.

Keep reading to discover FIVE proactive steps that will empower you to make the next quarter your best yet.

Step 1. Reflect on your path

The past leaves clues. Certain things catalyzed your journey to this point (and others that slowed you down or knocked you off course).

Hindsight is 20/20 vision. Looking back, it’s often apparent why things worked out a certain way - and you can learn from those experiences. You can also avoid making unnecessary mistakes because reflection can help you understand how to navigate a problem more efficiently if a similar one reappears.

When reflecting, the following questions are a great start. When considering the past 3-6 months:

  1. What were your top 3-5 wins?
  2. What worked?
  3. What didn’t work? 
  4. What did you enjoy? 
  5. What created frustration and discomfort? 
  6. What was the single biggest lever? 

Step 2. Decide what’s next. 

Given where you are now, what do you want to do next? 

If you could wave a magic wand, what would you love to create for yourself and your life over the next three months that will give you a sense of fulfillment, growth, and success? 

It may be obvious what your next step should be, but if not, it’s time to have some fun! 

Many great thinkers tell us that if we can perceive it, we can create it. With that in mind, what would you love to be, have or do? 

Let your imagination go wild by exploring all kinds of possibilities and start to feel into what gets you excited and willing to step out of your comfort zone. You may find it helpful to update or write your Live List at this stage. 

You don’t have to do everything at once (obviously), but having a rich array of choices from which to pick helps you open your mind to possibilities you might otherwise not have perceived. 

With your list of possibilities laid out, it’s time to focus on what you’ll do NOW, NEXT, and LATER. 

Step 3. Clarify your goals. 

Instant gratification fuels our world. When we decide we want something, we want it NOW! But goals are a process, and we’re the biggest lever in that process. 

The way you approach your goals matters.

Take on too much, and you can get overwhelmed, disillusioned, and demotivated. Take on too little, and you risk getting bored, distracted, or bogged down in procrastination.

The secret is to get the balance right. Here are some strategies you can use to whittle things down.

1. What gets you most excited? 

Your staying power is a significant part of the success formula. How will you show up once the initial enthusiasm wanes and you realize ‘success’ is further away than you initially imagined? Can you muster up the commitment and motivation to keep going - no matter what? 

If you’re excited about your goal, you’re more likely to keep going. 

2. Prioritization. 

The 80/20 rule is a helpful framework for prioritization because this mindset will help you to identify the goals with the highest leverage. There might be a standout item on your list that would lay the path to other things on your list if you were to check it off.

3. Correct order. 

Another consideration is the order in which you’ll tackle your goals. When you look down your list, you’ll see that some of your desires lie further along the line of dominos. What dominos do you need to topple first to knock down the later goals? 

Step 4. Plan your approach.

It’s one thing to define a goal; it’s another to see it across the finish line. A plan is a game changer on your goal-getting journey.

The purpose of a plan is to break a big target into bite-sized bits - so it’s easier to take action and move the needle closer to where you want to be.

With a plan in place, you don’t leave things to chance. If you try to ‘wing it’, there’s always the risk you’ll miss essential milestones or underestimate what needs to be done (and end up doing nothing at all!)

A plan is a place to map out deadlines to see if you’re on track or need remedial action. Deadlines also add a layer of accountability and external motivation to keep procrastination at bay.

If you’re ready to set [and achieve] some 90 days goals, the Self Journal is the perfect accountability tool to help you. Inside, you’ll find goal-setting templates, weekly planning and reflection tools, as well as a powerful daily layout designed to help you win the day and leverage your time and energy.

Step 5. Take action!

The difference between a dream and reality is the action you take. Nothing changes until you put committed feet forward.

But don’t worry!

You don’t have to take massive uncomfortable leaps to move the needle in your life. Compounded baby steps combine to create an incredible impact.

The secret is to start.

Then commit.

And don’t stop until you cross the finish line!

Sure, you may hit some unexpected roadblocks, but if you stay committed, you will find a way through them (and grow as a result).

Achieving a goal is an electric feeling. It boosts your confidence, allows you to trust your dreams, and provides proof that you DO have what it takes to become your best self and live your best life.

What goal will you set for yourself in Q4?

Once you’ve decided, you can rely on us to equip you with all the planning and productivity tools you need to succeed.

You’ve got this!

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