The Monthly Spread your Goal Achieving Itinerary

The Monthly Spread your Goal Achieving Itinerary

Keep what's good in front of your mind, and the bad will have nowhere to settle.

What goes into a Calendar?

The most basic calendar considers the categories: Holidays, Social Events, Celebrations, and Appointments. While these are good moments to remember they are not often the most important things to happen in our month.  Nor are they things that can't be considered within a shorter timeframe.

For those events that have more important milestones than others, we wouldn't want to treat them like any other rotating event.  You don't want your calendar to be a lifeless repetitious thing on your wall.  You want it to inspire and excite you, like looking at the itinerary of your vacation might.   

So, were going to give you a new set of categories to consider for your calendar in order of priority, the most basic ones will be last.

Calendar Categories to Fill Out

Category 1: Visualizing Your Goals

You've taken the time to set up your goal, to find the why, what, and how for achieving it.  You've built up your excitement of taking on this new challenge!  Keep that excitement going by creating the itinerary on your Calendar over the next few months!

Your Result Goal

At the top right of the Monthly Pages, rewrite your Result Goal.  Why? 

Because doing so will keep the picture of what all the things in your calendar are ultimately for.  When you do get into the day-to-day of working towards your goal. You'll want this reminder of why you're doing this in as many places a possible.

It's critical that you, Remember Your Why!

Note: If you have multiple Result Goals, write them out on the month they are most relevant for, and denote the most important one in some unique way.   

Your Progress Goals

In-line on your Calendar write in where you anticipate achieving your Progress Goals. 

• Maybe you are expecting to complete one progress goal a month.
• Maybe the first two progress goals you expect to happen in the first month, but the third one will take two months to achieve.
• Maybe you want to complete all three within two months so you have the last month to assess the results of any changes. 

    Whatever tempo you choose to have your progress goals take, make them the first thing you put in your Calendar!

    Your Actions & Tasks

    Now that you have your vision laid out, and the major milestones with your Result Goal and Progress goals - fill in your Actions + Tasks into the Calendar. 

    Consider which tasks need to be completed within the timeframes of each Progress Goal you set out. 

    Consider what tasks must be completed before others, and which ones span multiple days. Lay these out accordingly.

    If you aren't sure how different tasks may be applied to the Calendar don't worry we'll show you some examples to help get you started!


    You've just done one of the most important actions that most people fail to do. You prioritized your goals and what you need to accomplish them first and foremost - over anything else. 

    While you aren't yet to the point where you're actively making time for these tasks, you have just told your brain for the first time (but not the last time) that these tasks come first and started it on the path to opening up its perceptions and focus towards these things. 

    Category 2: Staying Inspired

    Even at just 3 months, you're starting a journey that will feel like a long one.  You'll be making significant changes in your life that your subconscious brain may try to convince you is a bad idea.  You'll be tempted by your natural instincts to allow life to be the same as it's always been.  The devil you know, is better than the one you don't (as they say).  But with a few choice things added to your Calendar, you can avoid these feelings and even propel the odds of achieving your goal! 

    Category 3: The Basic Calendar

    Now that you've set up the core Calendar you need to find success with your Goal you can fill in all the other normal details you might see on a Calendar.  The point here isn't to diminish these items.  Rather it's simply to make sure that the most important things are getting the most focus and attention. 

    Note: If you have one of these events happening in these months that you might consider a significant milestone, such as say a particularly significant anniversary, or birthday we might suggest creating a goal around these events. 

    After all, they aren't going to come along every day, and if it's truly as special as it should be then it deserves to be at the front of your mind!

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