Why Exercise Should Be Top Priority — If You Want To Achieve Your Goals

Why Exercise Should Be Top Priority — If You Want To Achieve Your Goals

Exercise trends come and go before we have time to master the new workout. Yet, the one trend that never dies is exercise for success. When we’re focused on our goals we can find it difficult to do anything else. We could be focusing on our dream job, an important project or our start-up. When this happens, we can start believing that we don’t have the time. We could blame the deadlines or the fact that we don’t want to get distracted.

What’s interesting is how some of the most successful people in the world make time for exercise. These are people who manage multi-million dollar corporations. This fact reinforces the importance of exercise for success. Moreover, it makes us question our time because if these people can find time to workout, then we can too.

The health benefits we get to enjoy through exercise make a strong case. Yet, there are other reasons why exercise is essential, ones that can lead you to a successful career.

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Exercise leads to cognitive benefits

A research study on the immediate benefits of exercise has shown how it leads to cognitive benefits. Some of these benefits include sharper memory and better concentration. Others include a higher sense of creativity and a faster approach to learning. A stronger mental stamina was also recorded. These qualities can only add to higher success when you are focusing on work.

Exercise leads to more focus and alertness

A study by Jim McKenna showed participants reporting better work performance after a workout. The participants showed higher mental alertness and a higher ability for time management. These benefits were a result of exercise increasing the blood flow to the brain. Thus, making the participants more aware.

Exercise can lead to groundbreaking ideas

It can be a powerful thing to let your mind wander. This is how Jack Dorsey came up with the idea of Twitter. Dorsey was in a playground with his mind at ease when he came up with the idea for his social media phenomenon. The physical activity of exercise can lead you to break new ground in your work. This is because your body is moving but your mind is left to wander from one thought to the other. Exercise can help you solve problems. It can even have you come up with an innovative solution that could lead you to a higher level of success.

Exercise will change your mood

Exercise releases endorphins. As it boosts your mood, exercise will give you the motivation to keep pushing even when you face difficult career roadblocks. A better mood can make you the ideal motivator in the workplace. Whether you are the boss or part of the team, you can be the one to raise spirits and keep up the momentum towards success. Moreover, exercise will ease tension in the face and in your muscles. It is a natural way to ease anxiety, stress and even mild depression. It is the way for you to avoid meltdowns, no matter how overwhelming the pressure gets.

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Exercise will give you more energy

It sounds contradicting, we know. Nonetheless, exercise does give you a boost of energy. When you need all the time in the day to get closer to your goals, having energy isn’t only important, it’s essential.

Some of the busiest, most successful people in the world exercise

Barack Obama works out six days a week. Arianna Huffington does yoga and meditation. Vogue’s Anna Wintour plays tennis every morning. Richard Branson surfs, swims or plays tennis before work. These people, and many other successful figures, choose exercise, despite their busy days. They have realized that it’s not only essential for their health but also for their success.

Exercise to achieve goals by focusing on mastery

Let these successful people inspire you. Start looking at exercise as an investment for your success. This way, you can have a stronger reason to choose exercise even when you are busy. Focus on mastering the exercise. The Harvard Business Review reports how choosing to master goals during a workout will see you succeeding in your fitness regime. You can do this by hiring a coach. You can enroll in a class or by investing in the right equipment. When you achieve your exercise goals, then you already know that you can achieve whatever you put your mind to. This is the best affirmation you can hold on to, to achieve success in work and in life.

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