Courage Over Comfort Deck

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A deck of 150 daily challenges to grow out of your comfort zone.

A deck of 150 daily challenges to grow out of your comfort zone.

Escape your comfort zone

Personal growth and goal success happen at the edge of your comfort zone. If you stretch your comfort zone, you’ll be able to think bigger and achieve more. It’s what the Courage Over Comfort Deck is designed to help you do.


Packed with 150 ‘uncomfortable’ challenges, the Courage over Comfort Deck inspires you to face your fears by doing new things.


Simply pick a card, push yourself to step up, and enjoy the feel good boost that comes from doing things you didn’t think were possible.


As you normalize taking action in spite of your fears, you’ll begin to thrive in discomfort. This mindset shift will kick-start a powerful transformation that will have you thinking bigger and doing more.


Use the Courage Over Comfort Deck to inspire you to unlock your potential and become the person you know you can be. If you can do the challenges in these cards, what else is possible for you?

Empower yourself to crush big goals

Big goals require you to do things you’ve never done before. Normalize the act of thriving in discomfort with this deck of challenges.

Transform your relationship with fear

Stop letting your fears hold you back. Instead, face them regularly with the help of the courage over comfort deck.

Try new things

With 150 challenges to try, inspiration is just a card away. What challenge will you take on next?

Make personal development fun

Stretching your comfort zone can be fun! Grab some friends, pick a card, and encourage each other to step up and take action.

Think Bigger And Achieve More

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"This deck is full of fun, comfort-zone ending challenges. I look forward to a new challenge every day from this deck!"

Caspian Lewke

"I am having my wife draw a card for me each week to complete for a fun little game to get me out of my shell more. I have also taken the cards to work and my coworkers and I are challenging each other to a card a week. This is such a simple and fun way to do new and exciting things! You need to get this deck if you are reading this review!"

Christopher W.


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Love these card decks! I bought 3 different ones and I'm so impressed with how many questions there are. My husband and I use them in the evenings to re-connect with each other and it's amazing what you can learn when you ask the right questions.


It is a great daily reminder to think outside of the box! Love using them

Love the ideas!

Cool concept and creative ideas. A good resource.