"Your personal core values define who you are."
- Tony Hsieh

Live in alignment with what matters most to you

The Core Values journal is a 13-week guided framework to define your core values and live in alignment with them every day, so you can be your authentic self and live a life you love.

Make decisions with confidence and ease

Explore visualizations, journaling prompts, and activities to find your THREE core values.  

Once combined, these values activate your INNER COMPASS and will be your guide as you make decisions and navigate through life.

Change your life in just 10 minutes a day

It takes practice and presence to embody your core values.

With daily pages to challenge you to live each day in alignment with your values and weekly pages to help you reflect and stay on course, the Core Values Journal is a self-accountability tool that helps you stay aligned with your true north - every day.

Grounded in positive psychology and journaling therapy, this powerful daily tool makes it easy to live with purpose, presence, and intentionality.

Use it daily to be unapologetically and authentically YOU,

And create an aligned life that moves constantly in the direction of your true north.  

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