Our story From the beginning to the present


DEC 2014

SELF Journal design started by two entrepreneurs on a missionof personal growth



JAN 2015

BestSelf was founded with a mission to create meaningful products that help people become their best self



AUG 2015

The SELF Journal was launched on Kickstarter



AUG 2015

Successfully funded in lessthan 28 hours to over 15K (our initial goal)



SEP 2015

Raised over 322K in 34 days with 6,531 backers



NOV 2015

Shipping team launched in United Kingdom to serve European audience



DEC 2015

Raised over 322K in 34 days with 6,531 backers



DEC 2015

World domination as we ship to 73 countries and countin



Allen Brouwer

Allen, an avid   and marketer, approaches his projects with high leverage constantly finding ways to get the most out of himself and his team.

He consistently produces high quality results for his clients and customers with his blue collar work ethic and attention to detail.



Cathryn Lavery

A former architect turned serial entrepreneur and designer, Cathryn is the rare combination of lifestyle and life's work. She seamlessly blends days of big action with days of creative work and making the absolute most out of life.

Her passion is inspiring those around her to reach their full potential by providing them the tools to get the most out of each day.



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