Project Action Pad

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Its ok

I’m satisfied of service and quality

great tool !

i hardly ever write reviews but love what this company has produced ~ all of their products. they have helped me get organized and my productivity has increased immensely. thank you 'bestself'... !!!

So stoked!

So excited to get the habit roadmap and the action planners! The team also helped me with an error in my purchase that I made and were so helpful! Thanks BSC!

Project Action Pad

Ever set a project that’s so intimidating you don’t know where to start? If so, you’re not alone. Deciding how to close the gap on a stretching goal is a common problem for big thinkers. It’s why we developed the Project Action Pad.

Capture your master to-do list with due dates, and project delivery becomes easy. With a clear plan, you won’t forget critical tasks, while deadlines help you prioritize and schedule time to stay on track. You’ll have clarity over your next steps too ensuring you take timely action. It’s how the Project Action Pad equals fewer distractions, more organization, and increased project confidence.

So get ready to swap indecision for clarity and tackle your next project with ease. Whether you’re planning a party, launching a business, or writing a book, this versatile tool will inspire you to think bigger and achieve more.

Versatile tool

52 Templated Pages Legal pad size

With plenty of fountain pen friendly pages to work with, you can plan a variety of projects and create a life you’re proud of.

Versatile tool

From party planning, to home renovations, to writing a book, launching a business, or training for a marathon, this tool handles them all.

Partners perfectly with your Weekly Action Pad or SELF Journal

Plan the big picture in your Project Action Plan then turn to-dos into dones with the help of your WAP or SELF Journal.

Projects require a lot of bandwidth, but when your head is full of ideas and decisions, it’s hard to think straight and concentrate fully on the task at hand! It’s a challenge - lack of focus will cause delays and pile on the stress.

The Project Action Pad works as an ‘external brain’ to free up the headspace you need to take action. With your plan on paper, you can swap repetitive thoughts and low-level decisions for productivity. Parking tasks for later unlocks more bandwidth for creative problem solving and innovation too. It’s how you can turn project to-dos into DONES and crush the complex goals that will transform your life.

Here's how

  • 1. Project name

    Make it easy to distinguish one project plan from another.

  • 2. Outcome goal

    Pin down your desired outcome with your SMART project goal (that’s Specific, Measurable, Action-based, Realistic, and Time-bound).

  • 3.Deadline

    Set a time frame to inspire implementation, promote prioritization, and fend off procrastination.

  • 4. Action/Tasks and due dates

    Deconstruct your project into its component parts to reduce overwhelm and make implementation easy. With this ‘external brain’ of every task, you’ll also free up bandwidth, promote focus, and cut indecision.

  • 5. Track progress to your finish line

    Use the checkboxes and progress bar to monitor your project, stay on track, and proactively manage delays.

  • 6. Note spaces

    One idea can change your life! Use the dot-grid note section to keep your inspired thoughts safe.

"The backbone of success is hard work, determination, good planning and perseverance."

– Mia Hamm

A Proven Tool to mastermind big goals

This powerful ‘external brain’ helps you break down a multi-task goal into its component parts - so you can take action and reduce overwhelm. Use it to crush bigger projects quicker and with much more ease.

Makes big, scary projects achievable.

Break down an intimidating goal into its individual component tasks and anything is possible!

Promotes smarter scheduling.

With a master list of tasks and due dates, it’s easy to prioritize and plan your time to stay on track and hit your deadline.

Cuts indecision.

Projects fail when you deliberate over your next steps or doubt the tasks you’re tackling. The Project Action Pad gives you the confidence to make decisive choices and keep moving.

Inspires organization.

With the security of a clear plan in one, easy-to-reference place, you’ll reduce project stress, save time, and cut procrastination.