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Build rituals, reflections and relationship-building into your routine. 

Become your best self in all areas of your life.

We'll help you cultivate healthy habits like consistency, communication and accountability into your day.

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Persuasion Deck

We partnered with online educator, Max Klymenko, so you can put 33 of his proven persuasion techniques to the test.

It’s a Date Deck

It's a Date contains 52 memorable date night (or day) activities—one for every week of the year, with a diary for capturing what you did and how it went.

Icebreaker Deeper Talk

A thoughtful expansion of the original Icebreaker Deck, Deeper Talk offers 150 new prompts for deepening your connection.

Icebreaker Starter Pack

Perfect for anyone looking to strengthen connections with the people in their life— friends, coworkers, family, and strangers—in a fun and entertaining way.

Core Values Journal

In partnership with The ONE Thing, our 13-week guided journal will help you identify and align with your core values to live a life steeped in purpose, meaning, and intention.

Self Journal

A science backed system that will help you grow into the person you need to be to achieve what you most want to accomplish.

Self Discovery Deck

Unlock the power of self-reflection and find your true joy with this deck of 50 thought-provoking questions designed to bring you closer to yourself and what you really want in life.

Plan, reflect, and celebrate.

Check in with yourself to see if your actions align with your weekly objectives.

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Your weekly objectives

Which objectives can you prioritize and work towards to make this week a win?


Transfer and tally your ‘Win The Day’ and ‘Plan To Reality’ scores from your daily pages to get a sense of how your week went.

Weekly reflection

Reflection helps you celebrate wins, integrate lessons learned, and acknowledge what you accomplished with your time. This essential practice helps to minimize recurring mistakes because key lessons are crystalized—not forgotten.

Weekly planning

Create and stick to a daily plan for achieving your top 3 objectives of the week.

Lesson learned

Look back on your goals and see what you can do next week to help move the needle.

Give your partner the gift of being present.

Nothing builds intimacy more than trust and truly hearing each other.

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The hardest and most heartfelt questions that define who you are as a couple.


The most personal questions in the deck that define your feelings about sex.


The experiences that have shaped your beliefs, attitudes and outlook.

About You

The opportunity to share the things that make you uniquely you.


The nuts and bolts of how you want to navigate this life together.


The catch-all category for strengthening your relationship.

The process of becoming your best self is always changing, because you're always changing. We designed our offerings to grow along with you—across the key areas of your life.

We believe in...

Vulnerability as a superpower

Let your guard down so those you love can know and support the real you.

We believe in...

Reflecting as a way of connecting

Nothing changes if nothing changes. Take time to pause and be present with what (and who) matters most.

We believe in...

Progress over perfection

The only person you're competing with is your old self. Grow into who you need to be, to live the life you want.

We believe in...

Getting real

Be authentic, live your values, and explore your potential.

We believe in...

Making it actionable and achievable

The more bite-sized and doable it is, the less overwhelming it feels.

I am always on the lookout for new resources to share with my fellow entrepreneur. The Self Journal was a no-brainer. It is a must for every entrepreneur!

Daymond John, Shark Tank Investor

BestSelf's six-month undated planner almost guarantees improvement in sticking to habits by ensuring you track your consistency.


The Bestself Planner is one of the only productivity tools out there designed to help you get where you say you want to be going.

Business Insider

This deck of cards amped up the intimacy with my S.O.


I love how the BestSelf Planner helps you track tasks and goals for pretty much every time period.

The Strategist

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It's a Date Card Deck Romantic Connection
It's a Date

$30.00 USD

Date Deck Card Deck Romantic Connection
Date Deck

$20.00 USD

Intimacy Deck Card Deck Romantic Connection
Intimacy Deck

$25.00 USD

Relationship Deck Card Deck Romantic Connection
Intimacy After Dark Deck Card Deck Romantic ConnectionIntimacy After Dark Deck Card Deck Romantic Connection
Intimacy After Dark Deck Sale price$29.00 USD
Get ready for more nights (and days) in! Pulling back the sheets on your sexual needs and desires starts with great conversation, exploration, and connection. The Intimacy After Dark deck inc...
It's a Date Card Deck Romantic ConnectionIt's a Date Card Deck Romantic Connection
It's a Date Sale price$30.00 USD
It’s a Date contains 52 activities perfect for your weekly date night or day, plus a date diary to capture all your special moments. From romantic adventures and relaxing rituals, to sporty...
Date Deck Card Deck Romantic ConnectionDate Deck Card Deck Romantic Connection
Date Deck Sale price$20.00 USD
Take the pressure off date night with 50 conversation starters created to help you get to know each other better. Play the Date Deck Game. Choose a category, answer questions, and collect poi...
Intimacy Deck Card Deck Romantic ConnectionIntimacy Deck Card Deck Romantic Connection
Intimacy Deck Sale price$25.00 USD
Spice up date nights, dinners, road trips, or weekends away. 150 prompts to spark more meaningful and vulnerable conversations with your other half for growing closer.Take time to talk, connec...
Relationship Deck Card Deck Romantic ConnectionRelationship Deck Card Deck Romantic Connection
Relationship Deck Sale price$24.99 USD
Turn to the Relationship Deck to get to know what your partner thinks about some of the important decisions that can inform how you’ll show up for each other in life and in your relationship. ...

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