Day 5: Building Your Future Together

Create a Wish Box For Your Future

Hello, and welcome to day #5 - the final day of the relationships building mini course 🙌


You’re already 4 days into this new habit of making protected, quality time to talk together - and I hope you’re starting to see some meaningful results already.


For today’s session, we’re going to expand on the practice you began yesterday.


The Courage Over Comfort challenge was about adding spark and freshness into your relationship by planning to do something new together.


I imagine that when you settled on your challenge you felt a sense of anticipation of what’s coming up.


Best of all, you got to share that sense of excitement.


Creating a shared future is super important for creating a lasting relationship.


You want to feel that you’re on the same page. You want to feel that you’re headed in a united direction and that you can grow together.


Your Day 5 Challenge: Create a Wish Box

  1. Create a wish box together - you can turn this into an art project too. Have fun decorating your box together so it’s something you can keep and hold onto.

  2. Together, discuss your wishes for your relationship.

  3. Write down your shared wishes and put them into your wish box.

  4. Find common ground, work through things where you think differently, and use this challenge as an opportunity to set your relationship course in a direction you can both get firmly behind.


When you’ve finished, why not take a photo of you with your Wish Box and share it on social tagging us @BestSelfCo. We’d love to see what you create together.


Let’s finish this five day course with a quick recap of everything we’ve covered together...


  • You’ve thought about the reasons WHY you want to strengthen your relationship.
  • You’ve practiced being vulnerable with each other.
  • You’ve showered each other with appreciation and gratitude.
  • You’ve made plans to do something different and get out of your comfort zone.  
  • And today, I’ve invited you to discuss your shared future by creating a Wish Box.


What’s powerful about all of these practices is you can repeat them over and over again.


That’s the magic of conversation. There’s always something fresh you can talk about and all it requires is a willingness to make time and space and be open for deeper talk.


It’s my hope that this course has inspired you to give more time and attention to the quality of your conversations. I truly believe it’s one of THE most powerful relationship skills that we can develop - and one that guides us to feel more connected.


There’s so much you could talk about…


But if you’re looking for more prompts to spark deep talk discussions, we can certainly help with that.


All of our Discovery Decks were created with conversation in mind.  


The Intimacy Deck is perfect for couples, and for more general talk, you’ll love the Icebreaker Decks. Again, each of these contains 150 prompts that you can discuss with your partner and other people that you want to connect more deeply with. And if you have kids and you want to cultivate a habit of deep talk conversations with them, Little Talk is the perfect tool.


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Thanks so much for taking part in this 5 day course! I hope you’ve learned something new about yourself and your partner - and you’re excited to keep clocking up those red crosses to create an unbreakable chain that makes deep talk a non-negotiable for you.