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5 Ways To Unleash Your Inner Voice

5 Ways To Unleash Your Inner Voice

As a creative being, there’s an infinite well of ideas locked inside of you. 

You’ve just got to set them free. 

Sometimes this release isn’t as easy as it sounds. Fear of judgment or the pressure of the inner critic can stifle your ideas and crush your creative expression. 

The secret is to know that resistance is usual. 

After all, it takes courage to express your inner voice and to stand strong beside your ideas. People are quick to criticize and judge. The good news is that self-expression is a muscle. You can strengthen it. 

Starting right now! 

Keep reading to discover five powerful ways to free your mind and reconnect with your inner voice. 

1. Free writing in your journal. 

Your journal is a safe place where you can express your truth in whatever way it shows up. You can write lists, explore a stream of consciousness dialogue, answer question prompts, or write a single word. Inside the privacy of your journal, anything goes. 

Safe to be authentic and unapologetic, your journal creates an environment where your inner voice can be uncovered and unleashed. Censorship often holds back our true expression. When we find a space where we feel safe just to be, we can connect with forgotten wisdom and see a side of ourselves that usually hides. 

Journaling is a powerful tool for personal discovery because it’s so accessible. All you need is a blank page, a pen, and the willingness to have a conversation with yourself. 

Here at BestSelf Co. we’re so obsessed with journaling that we created an entire podcast dedicated to it! There’s plenty to inspire you with 50+ episodes to choose from (and a back catalog that grows every week). Subscribe to the podcast here. It’s called Writing Your Best Self

2. Doodle. 

Giving yourself permission to doodle is a great way to unleash creativity and self-expression - even if you can’t draw. Allowing our inner world to take form and become tangible on the blank page can open us up, take us into a flow state, and create a gateway for insight and intuition to bubble up. 

Doodling can also help you think deeper and create more clarity because your mind and brain are occupied. In turn, you can uncover ideas that could blow your own mind! 

If you need inspiration for your doodling, check out the Doodle Deck. It’s packed with 50 art therapy exercises plus a sketch pad. 

3. Answer deep dive questions. 

Questions are a great way to dive deeper into your truth and access your thoughts, beliefs, core values, and more. 

Not only do questions take you somewhere, but they hijack your brain and preoccupy your mind. As you think about your answer, you get to dive deeper into yourself. You may make discoveries or uncover insights and wisdom you didn’t know you had or had forgotten about. 

The quality of your life is often related to the quality of questions you ask yourself. When you challenge yourself to move beyond the status quo, you can find your true inner voice and get curious about what you actually know. 

These 10 questions that spark self-discovery are a great place to start. Download now. 

4. Live in alignment with your Core Values. 

Your core values are the things that are most important to you in life. Examples include love, adventure, peace, wisdom, and happiness. Your values express the deepest desires of your heart and soul. They are the things that make you feel most aligned and alive. 

When we compromise our values, we feel out of whack with ourselves and the world. For example, if adventure is important to you, but most of your time is spent doing the same things repeatedly, chances are you’ll feel frustrated and dissatisfied with your life. 

When you know your values, you can create a life that aligns with them. 

When you know your values, it’s easier to prioritize and a lot easier to say no. 

The Core Values Deck is a tool that can help you discover your top three values. And if you want an accountability tool that helps you live your values each day, you’ll love the Core Values Journal

5. Live with courage, curiosity, and creativity. 

Unleashing your true voice is an inner journey of self-discovery. 

This journey invites you to put courage over comfort. After all, it’s sometimes easier to hold your tongue to fit in or to avoid confrontation. However, your inner voice was never meant to be silenced. What you have to say matters - to yourself and the people in your world. 

You can reconnect with your true voice when you cultivate the courage to go there, 

The curiosity to find something new, 

And the creativity to explore different access points and gateways. 

Give yourself permission to take creative risks. See how it feels to be authentic and expressed. 

And in the process, explore the next expression of your best self. 

It’s time for your true voice to shine. 

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