Weekly Action Pad

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A one-page weekly planning tool designed to optimize your week and maximize your output. 52 tear-off sheets. Lasts an entire year.

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A Proven Tool that will help you Win The Week

Highly productive people tackle the right tasks at the right time.


They know that ticking through a stack of low-priority tasks won’t achieve goals or maximize productivity. It’s why they optimize their days for maximum output.


The Weekly Action Pad helps you do the same by turning your to-do list into a to-DONE list. Say goodbye to busy weeks that don’t move the needle!


This one-page success tool helps you win the week by prioritizing, organizing, and strategizing your workload into a format that’s easy to implement.


With the Weekly Action Pad in your productivity toolbox, you can make more time for you. Use this tool to plan your week in advance to get out of the weeds, stop squandering time, and stay on top of your to-dos and commitments.

Never miss a deadline again

With due dates mapped out, it’s easier to complete the right tasks at the right time and avoid a last-minute panic.

Makes daily planning easy

With your Weekly Action Pad to remind you of tasks and due dates, it’s easier than ever to fit everything into your schedule and win the week.

Lasts an entire year

52 week. 52 8.5”x11” sheets. Printed on acid-free, 100 gsm, fountain pen friendly, white ivory paper.

Optimize your week

Use it to prioritize tasks, guide your decision-making, and schedule your week for optimum performance.

An external brain and visual aid

When you capture weekly tasks on paper, you free up bandwidth, stop relying on memory, and perform at your best.


Your One-Page Success Tool


The planner is supported well with written and on-line instruction. I liked that their website has a PDF of the planner so you can start before your planner arrives. The size works well and the book mark straps help mark where your goals, daily planner, and weekly planner are located. Only had it for about a week but is helping me integrate my goals with my daily activities.

James Solis

The Weekly Action Pad is a great brainstorming tool -- a place to just empty your brain by listing all the things you have to do each week. I use mine for my weekly planning session. This way, you can prioritize your work in your action plan then transfer your to-do's to your Self Journal each day or week. I find this to be a very helpful, useful tool. Using it as a planning tool helps you gather a snapshot of your work for the week, then keeps you on track to complete your tasks during the week.

Robert Wawee


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