10 Fun Ways to Use Your Intimacy Deck

The Intimacy Deck is a great way to spark deeper conversations and connections with your S.O. (significant other)
If you're looking for some creative ways to use the deck, here you go!

1. Date night - At home or out on the town

Pull out a couple cards at dinner or take a few with you and let the conversation flow. Take turns asking each other questions. Great opportunity to spend less time looking down at your phones and more time looking at and talking to each other.

2. Pillow talk

Pick a random card and hide it under your S.O.'s pillow. Have them pull it out before bed and talk about it together. It’s a great way to feel deeply connected and close before you drift off to dreamland.

3. While traveling - Planes, trains or automobiles

Long journeys offer the time to dive deep into a conversation. In fact, those conversations can be just as important as the trip itself. Take some prompts with you and chat away in the car, at the airport, or in the cafe during a layover. Not only does a good conversation make the time go faster, but it can make you feel more connected too.

4. On vacation

You’re in a different place with different weather, and no work to think about! Escaping the day-to-day routine is one of the best things about a vacation. When you’re surrounded by new things and you don’t have to worry about the everyday stuff, you discover new things about yourself and your partner. Your Intimacy Deck can help ignite these discoveries by sparking conversations with your partner that go somewhere.

5. A keepsake

Take a selfie or a favorite picture with a prompt you pull and write about your conversation. Do one a week and keep them all together as a special keepsake. Enjoy reminiscing on the moments you shared together and what you leared about each other.

6. Plan an impromptu picnic

Pack your favorite picnic goodies and a few prompts and venture out into nature. Pop a squat and enjoy the fresh air, yummy food and great conversation.

7. Game night!

Play truth or dare where the where the truth cards are from you Intimacy Deck and the dare is whatever you desire ;) Or scatter a bunch of card around and play spin the bottle. Whatever card the bottle lands on is the one you pick. Or, make up your own game... something that's light hearted but also brings your connection to the next level.

8. When you could use a little more connection

Had a disagreement and your finding it hard to make up? Other things tugging at your time too much and your giving each other the leftovers? Pull out your Intimacy Deck! Pick a card and let the question focus your attention. You never know… once you get talking, you may not want to stop!

9. Prompt-themed meal

Pick a prompt and come up with a corresponding meal, appetizer or drink around it to make together. For example, if the question is "What's one of your favorite childhood memories?", you could make one of your favorite childhood meals together and share why it's your favorite.

10. For the heck of it, build a house of cards

It's fun to be silly at time and do something well, a little mindless, like building a house of cards. Try it out with your Intimacy Deck and which ever card makes the house fall is the one you answer.

Have fun, be creative and most of all enjoy learning more about each other!

If you have other ways you've used the Intimacy Deck, we'd love for you to share! Just email us at hello@bestself.co.

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