Decision Deck

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A step-by-step framework for making any decision with confidence.

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A step-by-step framework for making any decision with confidence.

A Tool For Confident Decision Making

Is your life on hold because you can’t decide which way to turn?


Decision paralysis wastes time, closes down opportunities, and creates frustration. It’s why strong decision-making skills are essential for living your best life.


The Decision Deck is there for those times when you don’t want to rely on instinct or a hunch. Built around a comprehensive framework, these proven tools guide you to thoroughly think through any dilemmas - so you can decide your next steps confidently.


With prompts to consider your rationale, any bias, your assumptions and more, use this tool to create certainty when the outcome feels unclear.


Easy to use. Simply work through the process card by card to get the clarity and confidence you need to make the right choice.


From business, to personal, to relationship dilemmas, this powerful decision-making process will get you unstuck, stop you going around in circles, and help you commit fully to a specific course of action.


Now you can make decisions with confidence.

Based on proven research

Uses a powerful decision making framework to guide you into thinking through your assumptions, minimizing bias, and make timely decisions.

Make better decisions

Each deck contains 31 prompt cards that guide you through a decision-making process that works.

Learn from your choices

As well as decision-making prompts, this deck includes reflection questions that guide you to evaluate your decisions so you can learn from your experiences.

No more analysis paralysis

The Decision Deck will help you consider your rationale, question your bias, and test your reasoning so you know you are making the best choice given the information you have now.

Move beyond the pros and cons

Some decisions need more than a quick list of pros and cons. The Decision Deck ensures you view a dilemma from multiple angles to increase confidence in your choice dramatically.

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The Decision Deck helps you dig deeper than the typical “pros” and “cons” list when trying to make a decision. It helps to clarify the nuances of a situation and makes the decision making process more insightful.


A great way of thinking through decisions. I can hardly wait to share this tool with my students and will recommend that they get their own sets!

Lindsay Chase


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As always, this is a great product. I've bought four other decks from you and am actively using them. I've just begun to use this one and I have a feeling this one will be just as successful as the others I have purchased before. Thank you for making me a very satisfied customer once again.