Quarterly Reflection & Planning (Digital Download)

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Now is the perfect time to reflect on how you’re becoming your best self! This questionnaire aims to enhance productivity, self-awareness, and goal achievement by encouraging regular reflection and proactive planning.

  • Self-Assessment:

    • Areas of Full Engagement: Reflect on areas where you fully committed and how they improved.

    • Areas of Limited Engagement: Identify areas where you did not fully engage and understand the impact.

  • Future Focus:

    • Main Goals: Define the primary goals or focus for the next three months.

    • Visioning: Picture yourself three months into the future, detailing how you have shown up and what you hope to achieve.

  • Experiences & Learning:

    • New Experiences: Document new experiences and learning opportunities from the past quarter.

    • Plans for the Next Quarter: Outline specific plans and actions for the upcoming three months.

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Self Journal

  • Set, plan and track your progress
  • A guided yet flexible canvas for creating the life you want
  • A system for manifesting inevitable success 

13 Week Roadmap

  • Visualize and celebrate your progress
  • See the big picture
  • Daily actions for getting from A to B
  • Daily reflection practice to stay on track


  • A detailed how-to guide for getting the most out of your Self Journal experience
Feature Overview

& time-based

A 3-month action plan for achieving your life goals.

Outcome goal

Make sure that your high-level outcome goal of the week is SMART—specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-based. Imagine how life will be different if you reach your goal.

Progress milestone

Clear, trackable objectives can help you monitor your progress. Acknowledge each accomplishment by checking off milestones as you achieve them.

Critical drivers

Outline the recurring actions you need to take to close the gap between your progress milestones and outcome goal.


Keeping yourself accountable each week leads to successful outcomes.

Feature Overview

Set yourself up for a successful week.

Setting intentions for what you want to accomplish is a powerful practice. Reflecting on them and assessing your progress at the end of each week is a helpful feedback loop for growth.

Your weekly objectives

Which objectives can you prioritize and work towards to make this week a win?

Weekly planning

Create and stick to a daily plan for achieving your top 3 objectives of the week.


Transfer and tally your ‘Win The Day’ and ‘Plan To Reality’ scores from your daily pages to get a sense of how your week went.

Weekly reflection

Reflection helps you celebrate wins, integrate lessons learned, and acknowledge what you accomplished with your time. This essential practice helps to minimize recurring mistakes because key lessons are crystalized—not forgotten.

Lesson learned

Look back on your goals and see what you can do next week to help move the needle.

Feature Overview

Simply CINU

CINU is an acronym for: challenging, interesting, novel and urgent. These key characteristics help make daily Self Journal tasks more attractive and attainable—especially helpful for people with ADHD.

Daily gratitude

Start each day with positive thinking and a daily gratitude practice that's both novel and noteworthy.

Your goal

Think of this as your daily, weekly, monthly or lifetime affirmation space. Capture your aspiration as if it's already become a reality to keep things interesting.

Today’s target

To make things a little more challenging, fill in the circles to represent the time you think you'll need to accomplish your 3 big wins of the day.

Daily timeline

Add a sense of urgency to your day by prioritizing both your personal and professional time. Why? Unplanned time often gets squandered. Make the most of it!

Freedom space

Yours to use any way you like—from notes and quotes, to oodles of doodles.

Daily metrics

Did you build a healthy habit this week? How was your mood? Evaluate each day based on your overall satisfaction with how it unfolded.

Feature Overview

Minimalist and clutter free

Intentionally undated and designed for you to make it your own, the Self Journal is guided yet flexible, with room to doodle, jot and dream. Or simply stick to your schedule—it's up to you.


The first goal-based journal on the market

Portable, sustainably-made, and packed with value, the Self Journal is the perfect companion to take with you on the road to reaching your goals.

Page count

200 pages

Package dimension

Hardcover 5.75" x 8.5” in size


Sustainably sourced sugarcane paper (100 gsm)

  • 13-Week Goal-Setting Journal
  • 13-Week Wall Roadmap
  • Guidebook

Getting Started

If it’s not in your journal, it probably won’t happen.

Studies have shown that the simple act of writing down a goal increases your chances of reaching it. Goal setting is one of the easiest ways to increase motivation and enhance performance.

Getting started

Banish time blindness

We track things like our expenses and how many steps we take, but what about tracking where our time goes? Thanks to social media, many of us waste a lot of time scrolling and searching. The Self Journal keeps you accountable—track your time and how you choose to spend it.

Pro tip

“I jot down what I want to do each day, and then I compare it to what actually happened at the end of the day. It helps me see where and when I get off track, so I can start to see patterns and work to correct them.”

— Cathryn Lavery, Founder

Getting Started

Progress over perfection

Making progress is far more important than trying to attain an unrealistic standard of perfection. The latter slows you down and sets you up for disappointment, so focus on incremental progress. It's actually the faster way of getting where you want to go.

Getting Started

not to-do lists

While it’s satisfying to cross things off of a list, it’s not necessarily going to help you beyond that feeling of satisfaction that comes with drawing a line through a task. Targets (the most important tasks you want to achieve) are the activities you must accomplish to ensure you take consistent action towards your outcome or goal.

You are only competing against your past self, not others. Even though I’m not perfect, I’m way ahead from where I was 3 months ago.

— Cathryn Lavery, 
Founder of BestSelf